Could it be Labour????

I cannot believe that I am writing this post – I am having painful contractions at the moment every 7 minutes or so and I really hope I am finally going into labour!!!!! (or not)

Today was long! I had midwife’s appointment for the sweep at 1:30pm. Went there. There was another midwife far not as pleasant as my normal one. She asked if baby is moving alright, I said that he is moving, but not as much as before. Because of the lack of space, I assumed. Midwife has decided to send me to the hospital to monitor baby moves! And she has requested the hospital staff to do me a sweep if all is ok.

I was sure, that everything is fine (I just felt it) and I it just seemed, that this midwife wanted to get rid of me (probably that’s how annoying I am) and let someone else to check me out.

Edward left work earlier to go with me, we dropped Daniella at my mums and went to the hospital. Before that I have had quite few strong contractions in a row, but I didn’t pay much attention. At the hospital they put me on the monitors for half an hour.

FullSizeRender (3)
While I was lying there, my contractions became frequent and quite painful. Everything was showing on the monitor screen.

Baby’s heart rates were fine (just as I thought) and midwife, who this time was very pleasant, checked me out and did membrane sweep. It was not as painful after all!

I was told, that I am about 2 centimetres dilated and that baby might come very soon.

I haven’t had any food since breakfast, so Edward and I passed McDonald’s on the way home. I had to keep myself still while eating and having painful contractions one after another.

And now we are home and I am waiting for the contractions either to improve, either to stop (they actually slowing down now…). I am still frightened about the labour, but better sooner rather than later! Come on baby boy, your family is ready to meet you!

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