Glossybox June 2015

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With all baby preparations I ended up being late with my June’s Glossybox update. I received it about a week ago and haven even had time to take a proper look at it yet. So lets together see what was inside this time.

glossybox June 2015

KUESHI Anticellulite Booster (Full size £14.55)

Most probably I will find a use of it after giving birth! I have never tried any anti cellulite creams so far, as I didn’t need it, but I am afraid, the time has come. Hopefully it works. 🙂

KUESHI Anticellulite Booster

HALO Fragrance Free Facial Wipes (Travel size £1.20)

Will put into my hospital bag for labour! I am sure it will be useful at the hospital at some point. 🙂

HALO Fragrance Free Facial Wipes

MONU SPA Rosewood Reviving Mist (Full size £11.95)

To refresh your face or even to fix make up. Another item to take to the hospital! (I will need an extra bag soon)

MONU SPA Rosewood Reviving Mist

ESSENCE The Gel nail Polish (Full size £1.71)

I actually love it! Colour is pretty and even one single coat gives a perfect coverage!!! Happy happy with this one.

ESSENCE The Gel nail Polish

FLASH TATTOOS (Full size £6.50)

Nah. I don’t think this is for me. But my nearly 12 years old daughter will certainly love it! 🙂


There was also £25 off card for Hello Fresh again, but I do not think I will use it this time either…

Hello Fresh

Generally I am happy with this (June) Glossybox. It still manges to surprise me. You can subscribe for your own Glossybox HERE. Xx

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