My Last Day at Work Before Maternity Leave

If you didn’t yet know, I work as a Front of House Administrator at Doubletree by Hilton hotel and I do like what I do.

Even though I was lately really looking forward to my maternity holiday, in the evening before my last day at work I felt quite emotional.

However the past few weeks at work were quite challenging. I was not feeling that well no more, so it made my job more complicated. I managed to stay there until 3 weeks to my due date. When I was pregnant with Daniella, I left about two months before the due date! So I did much better this time.

Morning started as usual – waking up at 6.15am, getting ready, getting Daniella ready and going by car to Edward’s parents. Roads were a little trafficy, but not too bad. After leaving Daniella with Edward’s dad, I took the tube to work as I always do. Started at 9.30am.

It was a usual busy day – I wanted to finish everything off before I leave. I didn’t even have time to feel emotional. 🙂

I had lunch outside – salads at Pret a Manger with my best ever Lithuanian colleague Egle from accounts. Was tasty!!! Then we got frappuccinos from Starbucks for that special occasion and it was time to return to the office.

Later on that day my lovely colleagues surprised me with a beautiful card and many tasty sweeties to say good bye. That was so unexpected, I was lost of words. Big thanks to them


Only when my day came to an end I actually realised, that I won’t be here for about a year and it did touch my heart a bit.

But hey, we have exciting times ahead, no need to be sad about work! I have so much time now to prepare. Even though, I still cannot get over the thought, that I wont have to go to work tomorrow or even next week… I am officially on maternity leave! And summer is just starting! Happy days! 🙂

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