Washing Baby Clothes Round 2 & Moving Daniella to Sister’s Room

Mummy and daughter. Justina IvanauskieneEarly Friday morning Daniella started throwing up. Poor thing got some bug from somewhere. Edward and I were working that Friday, so had to take Daniella to Edward’s mum and dad’s. On the way I was luckily sitting at the back of the car with Daniella, as she threw up once again…

That day and evening Daniella vomited few more times.

The day after (on Saturday) was my birthday and we originally planned to go to Southend-on-Sea and for a dinner in London after. Our plans to go to the seaside had to be cancelled, as Daniella was still not feeling well. We spent our day at home, but in the evening we did go for dinner all of us. We went to Global Buffet in Ilford. We love that buffet. Food is fresh and lots of choice. Also if you are celebrating your birthday, your dinner is free (if you go with at least 1 full paying adult). 🙂

Global buffet Ilford
Global buffet Ilford

Dinner was lovely as always. Daniella was feeling much better by then. We got back home, had birthday cake with one candle and some champagne (I had a sip or two also) and got to our beds.

Birthday celebrations

Sunday afternoon we all suddenly started feeling sick. Edward made Lasagna, but I wasn’t that keen to eat it, thought because of the cake I had few hours earlier.. We still all had lunch and then it all started. Luka threw up first, then me, then Edward. Was horrible. We were all feeling very sick and kept on running to the toilet one after another to throw up…
washing baby clothes
Sunday night was just terrible. I didn’t have much sleep at all. My stomach was HURTING. I was still vomiting, had terrible heartburns and run out of my Rennie tablets! Most horrible night ever!

Edward and I had to work the day after and Luka was supposed to go school. We all stayed home. Edwards mum and brother were sick to. That bug is so contagious! We think it was Norovirus. Only Monday evening we started feeling humans again.

Coming back to Sunday night, when I was throwing up and didn’t sleep, I had so many Braxton Hicks contractions that night, that I thought that this virus will get me into labour and I will have to go to the hospital! Then I started panicking that my hospital bag is not yet packed and even baby clothes are not yet washed! I was so angry with myself for not being ready for hospital. You never know what can happen at this stage of pregnancy (36 weeks already!) – better to be ready.

Thankfully we didn’t need hospital at the end, but as a result I have decided to get things going. Therefore already on Sunday I washed all baby clothes and was sorting them in cupboards today. In order to do that, I had to finally move Daniella from our bedroom to Luka’s room. Together with her clothes as needed to empty the space for her baby brother.

Washing and sorting baby clothes
baby essentials

I cleaned Luka’s room neatly in the morning and transferred Daniella’s stuff there. Daniella actually seemed quite excited about the move, mummy was more sad and upset. 🙂

girls bedroom

For the afternoon nap I have offered Daniella our bed – normally she is extremely happy if I let her sleep in our bed. However today she told me she wanted to sleep in her own bed in her sisters room! So she did.

Toddler sleeping


Sisters bedroom divider

In the evening we didn’t have problems either. Initially Daniella turned towards our bedroom after putting pyjamas on, but only because of the old habit. After reminding her were her bed is now, she run to Luka’s room all excited and happy. Really?! Was it that easy? We will see if it stays this way. I really do hope so. Some own time for mummy and daddy before baby comes. 🙂

Toddler sleeping
sisters bedroom divider. chalk board. magnetic board

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