While Waiting for our Little Baby to Arrive

While Waiting for our Little Baby to ArriveI could not feel more pregnant than I feel these days. I am currently 39+5 weeks in my pregnancy and actually I am finally ready to meet our little one.

On Tuesday in the evening we went to bed, but I could not fall asleep. I had painful cramps in my tummy. Edward was already deep in his sleep, but I had to get off the bed and go to the living room as could not stand the pain no more. I did feel slightly better when was I walking from one corner to another across the room, but bump kept on contracting quite often and painfully. I’ve even downloaded the application on my phone for tracking contractions. I was also feeling super cold – had shivers and needed toilet every few minutes.

I was so sure I was going into labour.

daniella manzano big sisterTo my own surprise I started panicking. Was so scared of the pain, of the whole delivery process, that I was just quietly praying for all this to stop and for me to wake up still pregnant in the morning… After nearly two hours of struggling, I went back to bed (still convinced, that I will have to get up for the hospital soon) and managed to fall asleep. When I woke up to the bathroom at night, I still had braxton hicks, but they were not painful no more. So in the morning I woke up still pregnant, just as I wished!

However now, after thinking of that night over and over again, I do find myself silly. Sooner or later that day is gonna come and I really had enough of looking and feeling like a hippopotamus. Most importantly I am so curious to see our mini one, who hides in mummy’s tummy, causes all those terrible heartburns, kicks my ribs or has hiccups ever so often (poor thing).

At home everything is on stand by – ready for baby’s arrival:

Daniella is getting ready to meet her baby brother – she has already used nearly half of his little nappies for her dollies! Daniella will make a perfect mummy one day.


While Waiting for our Little Baby to Arrive big sister


She cracks me up recently, as whenever I try to take picture of her, she copies me taking my bump shoots and starts showing her tummy off from all sides haha. My cute little girl. 🙂
Daniella manzano, edward manzano, justina ivanauskiene


Our Jane Rider Matrix Light 2 Travel System is still in boxes, as we don’t know how much longer will we have to wait, so no point of setting this up just yet for collecting dusts. We really cannot wait to start using it though!


 Jane Rider Matrix Light 2 Travel System
Few baby blankets are washed and ready to meet our baby boy. Little toys are from Fisher-Price Friendly First Bouncer that is waiting to be set up very soon.
baby blankets, Fisher-Price Friendly First Bouncer
The cot is ready, baby duvet washed and ironed. I just covered it not to get dusty. Inside the cot there is a frame for Fisher-Price Friendly First Bouncer and next to the cot my hospital bags – I am ready. 🙂
baby cot, Fisher-Price Friendly First Bouncer, hospital bags
Baby’s essentials in the top drawer. I reorganised them so many times. 🙂


baby essentials
Baby’s clothes in a second drawer.


baby's clothes
Mamas & Papas - Starlite Swing - Once Upon a Time, Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Steriliser


So I believe I am more than ready now and do not wish to wait much longer. 🙂 Common , our little baby, we are really looking forward to have you in our family!

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