Harry’s 1st Week Update

Baby Harry

First week with our new baby Harry has passed so fast. It wasn’t difficult at all, Harry likes his sleep, therefore mummy and daddy has plenty of time left to get on with things. It is so important having family of 5 plus a cat and a dog!


one week old baby boy update

During the day our prince likes sleeping in his pram in a living room. He is only awake for very short periods of time in between feedings. Mostly falls asleep while eating and we are hands free for 2 to 4 hours in a row! I don’t normally wake him up for another feed, let him sleep as much as he wants. Unless it takes really too long.

one week old baby boy update

I feed Harry for the last time before bedtime at 11pm. He usually falls asleep while eating again. Then I put him in his cot and we all settle for the night. Baby would probably sleep throughout the night, but I am wide awake myself at around 4am, because I have milk overflow (I breastfeed, if I didn’t mention yet)! Therefore I have no choice, but to wake him up to release me from uncomfortableness. Next he would normally wake up at around 7am. Hope it all goes that way! 🙂

one week old baby boy update


Breastfeeding itself is going quite well at the moment, although I was about to give up at some point! It was so painful at the beginning, that I wanted to cry before and during every feed! I tried using the Lansinoh cream, that actually has really good reviews, but it didn’t work for me. I later bought Medela Nipple Shields and they really made a difference!

one week old baby boy update

one week old baby boy updateIf you follow me on the social media, you are probably already aware of my horrible experience with mastitis… Yeh, I had that ‘joy’ recently, I am still taking antibiotics and I don’t want to experience this ever again! I feel like two full days had been taken off my life! I was non functional and had a temperature of 40 degrees. My whole body and especially my boobs were extremely painful. I felt either super cold or extremely hot. It was terrible! I was just so lucky to have Edward around. He fed kids (not Harry ha ha), he cleaned the house, he took care of me, I just could not be more grateful for that.

Coming back to baby Harry, his belly button fell off on his day 7. We had few midwife visits for usual check ups, for baby heal prick test, weight check, etc. Harry lost 90 grams since he was born (it is normal for babies to lose up to 10% of weight during their first days).

one week old baby boy updateWe actually fit tiny baby clothes, but they will definitely soon get too small. Newborn and first size clothes are slightly too big, but not too bad. 0-3 months clothes are still deep in a drawer, as these are far too big for our mini baby just yet!

Harry had his first bath, he did not seem to enjoy it that much. Was crying throughout, poor thing. He also does not enjoy us changing his nappies or getting his clothes changed. Oh well, he will have to get used to it! 🙂

Overall our little Harry is absolutely perfect baby. Whole family adores him. Even Daniella (I was so worried she will be jealous) keeps kissing, touching, cuddling him all the time. We are all over the moon with this baby.


Apart of that horrible mastitis, I really feel perfectly amazing! After giving birth I physically recovered very soon. However time to time I still have that uncomfortable pain in my belly bottom, that feels very much like a pelvic pain. But I am guessing it’s because everything is coming back into place now.

Emotionally I feel fulfilled and happy. My moods are more stabile now, I can fully enjoy being mum again.

As you probably know, I did put a lot of weight on during my pregnancy. At my 40th week I was weighing 67.9 kilograms, which means I put 20.9 kilograms on! Auch! Today I weighed 60 kilograms and I would like to go back to 52 kilograms (not 47 like I originally was). So i will need to get rid of 8 kilograms so far. On my next update I will post some pictures to compare of how I looked just after giving birth and how I will be looking then (in a week). Hopefully my weight will keep on dropping, as I don’t recognise myself in a mirror at the moment. Looking like big, juicy doughnut!

I also got some pigmentation on my face after this pregnancy. Not much, but quite annoying, near my eyes, so it looks a bit like a black circles. Apparently it should go away within a year after baby is born. I really hope so…

I think i have covered pretty much everything here. Thank you for staying with us! xxx

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