Harry’s 2nd Week Update

Time flies – our baby boy is now 2 weeks old!

two weeks old baby boy

Harry continues being a very good baby. Still sleeps a lot during the day and only wakes up once at night. We can pretty much carry on with our life like nothing had happened. No matter what, if we stay home or we go out, no problems with this baby whatsoever. As long as we keep him fed and dry.

two weeks old baby boy

We had midwife’s check up on Sunday, Harry now weights 3.540 kilograms. He eats very well. Really likes his milky. 🙂

My breastfeeding is going so much better now. Not as painful as it was, so I think I made it through and will continue breastfeeding!

two weeks old baby boy

We still fit in tiny baby clothes, but we are very nearly done with them. Starting to use first size clothes. 0 to 3 months are still far too big. I am sure we will grow into them soon.

two weeks old baby boy

Our nappies is Pampers New Baby – 2-5kg. However I find it so much more complicated with a boy! He keeps on peeing through the side and wetting his clothes! That never used to happen to me with girls…

two weeks old baby boytwo weeks old baby boytwo weeks old baby boytwo weeks old baby boy, edward manzano


I really cannot complain, I do feel alright and I am able to enjoy our new life with our new baby. I keep on remembering my last months of the pregnancy and it makes me appreciate of how much easier life without bump is. I feel so light on my legs or so easy to bend when I need to pick something up from the floor. I have so much more energy and, really, life looks so so so much simpler now!

Weight wise is not such a happy story ha ha. I now weight 59 kilograms, I still have quite a bit of a tummy and I am so depressed to look at the mirror! I would like to get rid of 7-8 kilograms to go back to my ideal weight. Of course, it has only been two weeks since I gave birth, so I am sure I will still lose some of that weight naturally, but I so so so cannot wait! I am really not looking too good. 🙁 The problem is, that I am still craving for sweets. I never used to like them before!

after birth weight

It’s a bit of a sad day today, as it is Edward’s first day at work after his paternity, so I am lonely and alone at home. I so got used to having him here. He was a great help to me as well and now I will have to go back in to my normal cleaning – cooking routine, just with another baby on the side. Let the challenge begin ha ha! 🙂

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