Harry’s 3rd Week Update


Another week passed by too fast with our precious baby Harry. We are now exactly three weeks old, that’s unbelievable – where did the time go???

3 weeks old baby boy harry manzano

Not much changed during this week. Harry still likes his sleep, wakes up once or twice a night. I had two sleepless nights though in a past few days, but surprisingly not because of our baby boy. Actually Daniella  had troubles sleeping. One night her nose started bleeding and she got panicking. Therefore she could not sleep afterwards, keeping me awake, of course. And another night she just kept on waking up screaming for me. Both mornings after I woke up completely shattered! 3 weeks old baby boy harry manzano

Baby Harry is fast growing out of his very first clothes. Most of them were Tiny Baby, others Newborn and First Size clothes. Some Newborn and First Size clothes are still good to wear, but 0 to 3 months mostly are still far too big. Good bye Tiny Baby clothes (even though Harry was not that tiny).

3 weeks old baby boy harry manzano

Harry only eats my milk at the moment, we haven’t even tried formula yet. It’s very handy for mummy – no bottles sterilising,  preparing or warming up formula and healthy for a baby! I don’t restrict my own food, I eat whatever I like to eat and even have 1 cup of coffee in the morning (instead of my so important black tea in the past). It doesn’t seem to affect Harry anyhow. We don’t seem to have any tummy problems yet and he sleeps more than I could wish him for. 🙂

3 weeks old baby boy harry manzano

We still use first size Pampers baby nappies. it’s so tricky with boys though! We got peed on us several times by our little one! He can make a proper fountain if we are not careful!

3 weeks old baby boy harry manzano

One more exciting thing- I know it’s a bit early, but I swear Harry smiled at me several times today when I was talking to him! He really really did! That melted my heart completely. Such a cute little fella!!!!

3 weeks old baby boy harry manzano


As weeks pass by, I feel more and more old self again. Not yet completely, hormons are still playing over sometimes. But getting there little by little.

I still weight 58 kilograms and to go back to my ideal weight I have to lose another 6-7 kilograms. I will put a picture up next week. 🙂 I still love sweets though. Cannot say no to a lovely piece of cake or milk chocolate. That really wont help me to get rid of this extra weight…

My hair does not feel as healthy no more. I think it is normal after giving birth.. I am actually thinking of shortening my hair quite a bit. It’s a difficult decision, as they have never grown very fast for me, so there is no way back in case I regret. But we will see. Need to think well before taking any action.

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