Home Alone (Plus Kids)

This is my fourth day on my own (plus kids) at home, since Edward got back to work after his two weeks paternity leave. How am I coping? Somehow. Getting there little by little.

home while on maternity leave

My first day alone was a bit of a disaster. I am so used to my normal everyday routine – waking up in the morning, helping Luka to get ready for school, having my cup of black tea and some breakfast, cleaning up, doing laundry, etc, before the lunch time. Then putting Daniella to sleep and getting dinner ready before Edward comes back from work.

However, there was a ‘small’ change in our family recently- baby Harry was born, and even though I am a third time mum, it was still a bit of a shock for me not to be able to cope with my own routine no more!

two weeks old baby boy


On the first day with Edward at work, as soon as Luka left to school, I had my so important tea and started to get on with my cleaning. Just when Harry woke up and demanded for food! Oh God. I had no choice, but to pause my tidying up and feed my hungry baby. Feeding Harry can take up to 45 minutes or even more sometimes! So one hour delay in my day already.

That was not it. After eating, Harry decided, that he is not so sleepy no more and that he would like to stay on mummy’s arms for some time. Pram, cot, swing, vibrating chair were not good enough for him at the time. So I am still in a mess, with my needy baby on my arms and not even 3 years old toddler on the side demanding for attention too. God help me.

sister and brother

sister and brotherI am not gonna lie there. It was a quite stressful day. But at the end I did manage to clean and even to prepare some dinner. I ended up completely knackered in the evening though!

Day two was certainly better. Harry was trying to be cheeky again in the morning by not sleeping, but I fed him so much, that he became proper milk drunk and simply didn’t have any energy to keep himself awake. Success!!! Baby Harry fell asleep for good few hours, letting me to get on with my daily tasks.

Day three and day four went just as well! Harry was in his deep sleep for the whole morning, giving mummy plenty of time to do so important house works.

half white half filipino girlI am not saying, that I am some kind of a superwomen. No, not at all. I do struggle, I do get moody or stressed sometimes (but who doesn’t?). I am just trying to get into some kind of routine with Harry to make it easier for all of us. When making dinner, I don’t cook anything too fancy, that takes long time to prepare. I simply cannot afford it with my 2 weeks old baby and a toddler on the side. Trying to keep it as simple and as quick, as possible:

On the first day on my own we had chicken legs marinated in mayonnaise with mixture of spices – I cooked them in the oven, plus boiled some rice and fresh salads on the side. Second day I made pork chops in home made gravy with rosemary and parsley with mashed potatoes and fresh salad on the side. Third day – pasta with home made meet balls, simmered in tomatoes and grilled peppers sauce, that I bought already pre-made from the shop. And today I was planning to make my easy – peasy, but all times favourite recipe- roast chicken with roasted potatoes, carrots and celery. But my chicken is still defrosting, so Edward is getting take away on the way home! Oh well, it gives me time to write this post on my blog. 🙂

bichon frise2 weeks old baby boy


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