Meet Our New Baby Boy!

Meet Our New Baby Boy, justina ivanauskiene

Good bye pregnancy updates and hello baby development and post pregnancy updates!

As most of you already know, we became very proud parents once again on Tuesday, 30th June at 5.15am. I gave birth to our long awaited beautiful baby boy!
We actually still have some debates regarding the name, so I am not going to announce it just yet. I will update you as soon as we make our final decision. Hopefully very soon.
Otherwise baby is doing very well. Sleeps most of the time, hardly ever cries! Hopefully it stays this way. He brought so much more happiness to our home..
Daniella and Luka were both extremely excited to meet their baby brother. Luka had happy tears and Daniella could not believe, that this baby is not in mummy’s tummy no more. She kept on pressing my belly and looking at the baby brother surprised of how did that doctor got him out haha. 🙂

Meet Our New Baby Boy

We have already had some visitors yesterday- Edward’s family and cousin came over to meet our new addition. Everyone says that the baby looks like Daniella when she was born. I do agree 100%, they look so similar!!!

Meet Our New Baby Boy, filipino family
Meet Our New Baby Boy, filipino family

I will be blogging about baby’s development every week for the first month and monthly later. In the mean time I will update you of my post pregnancy recovery, of how is it going for me to come back into my old self.

Meet Our New Baby Boy


With all my heart I want to thank you all for your lovely messages and comments. It really means a lot. I am so happy I can share those special moments with you all. Thank you for being with us! xxx

Full labour story to follow very soon!

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