My Daily Cleaning Routine (in pictures)

I was never into any kind of routine before. It used to make me bored and uninterested. Starting with my work – I used to like changing my shifts from morning to evening and the other way around and finishing with my house – loved swapping furniture around, changing colour themes, etc. I thought I will never be a good housewife – cleaning and cooking was never my thing, I much preferred to go to work rather than stay home and do all house chores. My priorities have changed since I found myself settled with my current family and especially after I had Daniella and Harry, my two lovely children. (I had my first one, Luka, when I was quite young and far not settled yet).

I can finally call myself an adult. I grew to love taking responsibility for the cleanliness of our home as well as cooking. I now have my routine with pretty much everything and (surprise, surprise) I really love it!
One of my everyday routines is cleaning of course. I will be honest here, our house looks like a war zone every morning, no matter how tidy it was left the evening before, when we went to sleep. After Luka gets ready for school, Edward rushes to work, Daniella plays with her toys in the mean time, I normally find myself in a place, that looks like after earthquake or some other horrible disaster. All for me to take care of.
I am not functioning in the morning without some breakfast and a cup of tea. Therefore as a very first thing when I wake up I have my quick breakfast while catching up with things on my laptop or computer. And then my day starts.

 I made some pictures of my morning cleaning routine – before and after. I normally start at around 9am (time could vary now, especially after our baby Harry was born) and it takes me about 2 hours to clean up (again, I might have to feed Harry in between now, so my cleaning time would also extend).

I normally start with our bedroom. Curtains are still down. Not a very nice view, but that’s how we wake up every morning.
This is a picture of our bedroom after cleaning. I am planing to upgrade this room a bit at some point very soon. Need to get new bed throw, new curtains and some small cushions. I have time now since I am on the maternity leave and I really would love to do that! 🙂
After I finish with our bedroom, kitchen is next. Everyone leaves everything all around the place after preparing their breakfast. Oh well, I have no choice, but  to take care of this too.After cleaning
Another side of the kitchen and it’s mess.
Nice and tidy now.
Sink area is always the messiest one. Picture before cleaning (sometimes looks much worse).
And after cleaning.
Kitchen table after family’s breakfast.Kitchen table after tidying up.
I really could not ignore this. It is my best friend, my family member, my precious lovely dishwasher. In my honest opinion, dishwasher is the best invention ever! I love how shiny dishes come after washing and how much time it saves me! I love you, my wonderful dishwasher!
After I am done with the kitchen, living room will be next. It is normally full of Daniella’s toys and other clutter.
Our living room after cleaning.
I recently threw our green rug away that was in our living room. It was really worn, so I decided to finally get rid of it. I just need to get another one as soon as possible, as it does add a lot of cosiness to our living room. Hopefully will do that on the weekend.
Time for the bathroom.
I even like to wash the soap and other bottles when cleaning the bathroom, so all looking like new.
Daniella’s room will normally be the next to clean. It’s  pretty much pointless though, as while I clean one side of the room, Daniella is already messing up another. Luka has to clean her side of the room herself.
I then put dirty clothes into the washing machine for washing and fold dried laundry.

 Finally my second best friend Henry the Hoover comes out to assist me and steam mop after. I just forgot to take pictures of these, as my cleaning today already took longer than usual while taking all those pictures, but I am sure you all know how it looks. 🙂

And this is pretty much it about cleaning my home. This is what I do every single day with no exception. But I have to admit it, I did  really learn to love it!

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  1. Thank you for sharing all these pictures and your cleaning routines. It’s great that you honestly show how your place looks before cleaning. I hate that a lot of bloggers pretend that they live in homes clean as hospitals. I really like your website!

    • Thank you for your lovely comment Claudia! 🙂 Yeh, having 3 kids there is no way of keeping the house always tidy. I think it is perfectly normal to have a bit of a mess at home and there is nothing to hide. 🙂 xx

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