My Labour Story

I was 40+2 weeks pregnant on 29th June and was already really looking forward to meeting our new baby. That day I was booked in for a membrane sweep to possibly start the labour. I was really scared about the sweep, I have heard this is quite painful and most importantly does not always help! I was really praying to give birth without any sweeps, but it didn’t work out for me. I was on the way to my midwife’s appointment for 1.30pm.

To my disappointment I was greeted by different midwife, who was not in a very good mood that afternoon. She firstly asked me why did they book me in for today if I had my appointment only 2 days ago. She sounded quite annoyed. When I explained to her, that I was booked in for a sweep, she didn’t look any happier at all. Midwife started her normal questions about pregnancy, baby movements, etc. I told her, that my baby does not move as much no more, but I was sure it’s because of the lack of space in my bump. Midwife suddenly looked more excited. She told me I have to go to the hospital to monitor baby’s moves just in case and they would do a sweep after all. She called the hospital and booked me in.

I was actually not a happy bunny, as had to sort out where to leave Daniella and I really didn’t think that monitoring was necessary. I did still feel my baby, just not as often.

Anyway, I called Edward (he was at work) and asked him to come back earlier, so he could go to the hospital with me. He was soon on the way. In the mean time I took Daniella to my mum’s.

I picked up Edward from the station and we went to the Queens hospital in Romford.

That same day, a little earlier, I had quite few awkward but pretty strong contractions. I didn’t pay much attention, as it has happened before. However, they they put me on the monitors and suddenly my contractions became stronger and regular! When midwife came to check us out, she did agree with me, that it could be beginning of my labour.

She checked me out and told I was 2 centimetres dilated! Anyways, with 2 centimetres you could still probably be pregnant for another 2 weeks. It didn’t mean, that labour has started, but I was so full of hope, as contractions wouldn’t stop!

We went to McDonald’s on the way home and contractions seemed to get more and more uncomfortable. We have decided not to pick up Daniella for now, just in case we need to go back to hospital. Got back home and started monitoring the time in between contractions.

At the beginning they were every 6 minutes, but to our disappointment, started slowing down and disappeared completely.

Edward ironed his shirts for work and we went to pick up Daniella!!!

We put kids to bed at around 9.30pm and went to sleep ourselves at around 11pm. Edward was snoring shortly after, but I was unable to sleep. My contractions had started again and even stronger this time!

After my previous experience, I was afraid to believe, that this could be finally labour, but Edward was insisting to go to the hospital.

We packed our remaining essentials for the hospital, put sleeping Daniella in the car and went firstly to my mum’s to leave Daniella and then straight to the hospital.

We were sent to triage for check up. It was so hot there! There were 10 or 8 rooms separated by the curtains, so you could not see, but could definitely hear women in pain making all different kind of noises. That was frightening!

We finally got one of those rooms. I was in big pain by then! I was afraid they will send me home with those painful contractions, I was panicking!!!

To our relieve I was 5 centimetres dilated, which meant I was certainly half way in labour!!

Midwife asked me if I wanted epidural or natural birth at the birth centre. Birth centre apparently is nice. More like a hotel room, not labour ward (I haven’t seen it but that’s what I was told). I said I wanted epidural and asked for the gas and air in a mean time, as contractions became really painful.

I remember myself with gas and air while giving birth to Daniella. I swear it didn’t work! I didn’t feel anything at all. However this time it was certainly working!!! I was feeling proper dizzy and could not help, but was all in smiles throughout the pain!

Midwife came to check up on me and asked again if I really needed epidural. She was sure I would be alright without it – no wonder she thought so, as I could not stop smiling while talking to her either! But I really wanted epidural!!!

The pain got much worse shortly and my smiles had disappeared from my face. I was really struggling to cope with contractions and we still were at triage. Edward started pushing nurses to transfer me to the labour ward. So they finally did.

We were extremely lucky with our midwife who was taking care of me at the labour ward! Could not ask for a better one! Her name was Carol, she was super nice and understanding. We will send her some thank you card, she was amazing.

After I was transferred to the labour ward, my contractions became unbearable and I started panicking. I was all shaking in between contractions and was praying for another one not to come. I was begging for the epidural, even though I could sense the baby somewhere very close by. Finally they have started to prepare me for a long waited epidural!!!

Apparently it’s not that quick! They firstly have to do some tests on my bloods and only then pain relieve. They said it could take up to two hours! I knew my baby would not wait for that long.

Thank God for our amazing midwife – she came up with the idea to check blood from my previous tests – luckily I had one very recent. So I didn’t have to wait for two hours! They called the doctor who does epidural (I cannot remember how they name them), he explained everything to me and asked to sit down and hug the pillow. So I did.

Epidural was not painful at all. It was done shortly and I only had to wait for the pain relieve to kick in. I still had quite few painful contractions, but later they became less and less painful. It has finally worked!!!

I was put on the monitors again to keep an eye on ¬†on the baby and to Edward’s and mine horror, baby’s heart beats had slow down and disappeared completely! Midwife was trying to get them back for the few seconds, but nothing worked, so she pressed the red button and suddenly we had full room of doctors and nurses! That was the most frightening moment during the whole labour! They started to give pressure on my bump and do other things, that I don’t remember that well, as I kept on repeating to myself, that if something is gonna happen to my baby, I will never forgive myself for this damn epidural!

Luckily heart rates came back to normal, but I could not relax completely until all was finished.

I only stayed with epidural for about an hour. Baby Harry was ready to see this world.

I really did not want any forceps to be used to get our son out. So I really tried to push hard! Believe me or not, but we had our little one our within 4-5 pushes!

I cannot explain this feeling in words! When they first take it out and put in on your chest. Edward and I, we both had happy tears and the tones of joy filled up the room, which seemed so scary seconds earlier!

Baby Harry was born at 5.15am, 30th June 2015, weighting 3.580 kilograms. I knew he was gonna come on 30th – funny enough, but mine, Luka’s and Harry’s birthdays are all on 30th (different months) and Edward’s and Daniella’s- both 7th (also different months). Mystic!

They kept me in a labour ward for a good few hours and only then they transferred me to the ward. We were discharged the very same day, at around 7pm. We were so happy to finally be home as a family of five! New life is just beginning! Welcome to the world, Harry Jacob Manzano! xxx



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