My Labour Video

My Labour story

It’s been already nearly one month since our baby Harry was born! I sometimes really wish days wouldn’t go so crazy fast. I remember when I just found out I was pregnant, those 9 months looking ahead felt like forever. But look at us now! Our little baby is already with us and he is nearly 1 month old…

Sometimes I look at our little Harry (I could look at him for hours) and I try to memorise his face, his little hands, his toes. I try to record in my memory of how he looks today, as I do know, those first days will go so fast, I don’t want to ever forget of how he looked today or how he looked when he was just born.. He has changed so much already…

I am ‘only’ one month late with this video. But it is better later than never, as I always say. These are the moments from that so very important day when we first saw baby Harry. When he was just born.

I have to apologise for the quality of some videos (some of them were taken by phone) and the sound is really no great.

So, ladies and gentlemen, as promised, my labour video is below! (You can read my labour story HERE)

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