Bathing Baby (Video)

Firstly I would like to send my sincere apologies to Harry – main character in my Bathing Baby¬†video. I was trying to cover your manly bits, but it didn’t work for me.. So I had no choice, but to expose you the way you were born… Sorry my little boy, hopefully you will forgive your silly mummy..

For the very fist time we bathed our little Harry, he was screaming himself off! He didn’t seem to like it at all. But now bathing baby is much more pleasant. He seems to enjoy it a lot, therefore less stress for mummy and daddy. ūüôā

bathing baby

We now have a little routine for bathing baby. I never do it alone,Edward helps me out. His job is to pour the water in the baby bath and pass shampoo and other amenities to me, as I only have one hand available Рanother one is holding baby. It somehow just worked out for us like that.

We firstly making sure, that room is warm enough, windows are closed – we don’t want our little one to get cold. Then I prepare all the amenities – towel, clean clothes, nappy, etc. In the mean time Edward pours the water and gets shampoos ready.

I undress Harry and we are ready to go!

Depending on¬†Harry’s mood and reaction we would keep him in the water for longer or shorter periods of time. He normally really enjoys his bath, so we do keep him for a little¬†longer recently..

bathing baby

At the very end I wash his hair (he does not like this part of bathing that much) and we are done!

As soon as I take little Harry out, I wrap him in a towel not to get cold. I clean his wet skin gently, put his nappy on and dress him up in his fresh pyjamas.

By¬†that time Harry is very hungry and often¬†he would not keep quiet. I feed him for the last time that evening and place him into his cot. Lights off and I leave¬†the room. Harry¬†will settle on his own within minutes. Bath has tire him out…

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