Harry’s 2 Months Old Update

We had double celebrations on 30th of August! Baby Harry’s 2 Months Old and Luka’s 12th birthday! Congratulations my lovelies. xxx

After completing second month in this world, I would describe our Harry as little baby with a big personality! He already has his preferences for people or toys  and shows his disapproval time to time very loudly. He loves being held and gives us so many pretty smiles when we talk to him. He is just adorable!

2 Months Old Update

I don’t even know how many hours or times Harry sleeps during the day. Probably it would be easier to count hours, when he is awake. He still sleeps a lot. Of course, he is only 2 months old. 🙂
At night Harry wakes up twice. But it is not as easy as it sounds. First he wakes up at around 1.30am, all is good- he eats and falls back to sleep immediately. However, when Harry demands for his second feed at around 4.30am, he then eats but doesn’t want to settle back to sleep! Full of energy and smiles. Therefore most of the time I am struggling to put him back to sleep until 6am or even 7am. That is really tiring and not fun at all. I always end up so knackered in the morning! I have no choice, but switch my zombie mode on and go though the day. I know, I should try to take a nap during the day, but I have never time for that. Even when Daniella and Harry are both sleeping, I find something else to do. Probably not tired enough, ha. 🙂

2 Months Old Update

We still have colic problems. It’s easy to recognise when Harry struggles with his tummy aches. He kicks and releases gas a lot. I loved Colief drops, they used to help immediately, but very pricey (£11.99 @ Boots) and the bottle is actually really really small. I’ve now decided to try Infacol (£2.99 @ Boots). At first I was not very impressed with the strong orange scent that Infacol has and Harry didn’t seem to like it either, but otherwise all is fine and medicine really works! Probably takes a little longer to kick in than Colief does, but it really helps Harry to feel better, so thumbs up for this.

2 Months Old Update

As I have mentioned above, our little one is now days smiles a lot and gets super excited when we talk to him! He is now much more easy-going and doesn’t mind being left in his bouncer for a while during his peak time. He actually seems to really like it! I placed some big colourful butterfly in front of Harry on his bouncer and he seems to try reaching it with his little hands over and over again. I know it’s pretty early for the 2 months old baby reaching for a toy, but he really does that! Check out in my video, he really does!

2 Months Old Update

Harry however has lost his interest in swing. I am so surprised, as Daniella loved it since the very first time I sat her there, all the way until she grew out of it. I was so confident it will be same with our little boy!  I seem to be wrong here. Harry is not too interested no more. He seems to prefer his bouncer over the swing. How strange!

I am still breastfeeding Harry, but sometimes I also give him formula. Especially if we go out – I am not the kind of person to breastfeed in public. 🙂 I realised though, that his colic gets much worse after giving formula, therefore I am trying to stick with breastfeeding as much as possible.

2 Months Old Update

At 2 months old most of Harry’s clothes are for 0-3 months and he wears size 2 Pampers nappies. Harry is growing so fast though and getting 2 Months Old Updaterounder and rounder every day! Sleepsuits that were so wide on him before are now nicely filled up with his chubby little body. I love it so much. 🙂


There is actually not much to say about myself. Sad news is that my weight has stopped dropping and I still weight 57 kilograms and have quite a bit of a mummy tummy. 🙁 I don’t crave for sweets no more – occasionally have ice cream or a biscuit, so hopefully my weight will soon go back to my 51-52 kilograms. I really do hope so.

If you follow my posts, you probably know, that we are moving to Stoke-on-Trent very soon. Lots of things to sort out at the moment, but after we move I will definitely start running or maybe even gym to get my body back into shape! I should consider healthier eating as well, but knowing me it will be very difficult. I love my food. Love fatty, greasy, meaty- less healthier, more tastier!  (I should definitely change this kind of thinking if I want to look better and live longer ha ha.)

Generally I am felling a bit tired recently. I have forgotten what it feels like to have a proper, undisturbed sleep.. I hope Harry will get better soon with his sleep, so I will feel a lot more like a human. If not, I will soon turn into a scary zombie!third finished


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