My Last Glossybox – August 2015

My Last Glossybox - August 2015Yes, this is it. I have cancelled my Glossybox, so this will be my last update- Glossybox- August 2015. I was actually planning to cancel my Glossybox subscription quite a wile ago. I simply found myself just storing most of the items received and not ever using majority of them. I was a bit hesitant of cancelling, as time to time I would still receive one or another item, that I actually love. But I now finally realised, that throughout the whole time- two years of subscription (!), there would only be a very few Glossybox goodies that I actually really fell in love with. I think the most attractive thing about this all Glossybox business is the actual surprise of what are you gonna find inside. Unfortunately I don’t have this excitement no more, therefore I am cancelling my subscription till the next time possibly.

This month Glossybox is celebrating their 4th birthday, therefore they have included 5 full size products from ‘around the world’:

NAOBAY Calming Face Toner (normally £10.65)

I like the fact that this product is 99.13% natural. It does really look smart in the bathroom. I tested it yesterday, I wasn’t wowed, but it’s OK…

My Last Glossybox - August 2015

SASS Purifying Cleanser (normally £7.00)

Siting already on the shelve in my bathroom.

My Last Glossybox - August 2015

MANNA KADAR Lash Primer (normally £14.55)

Ah, I am not convinced. Will give it a go, but I am quite sceptical about lash primers. I have a feeling this will be one of those items sitting in my cupboard with no use..

My Last Glossybox - August 2015

EMITE Artist Colour Powder Blush (normally £20.59)

Actually that might be not bad. I will stick though with my Bare Minerals powder, but will keep this one for emergencies. (And as soon as I typed all this, I dropped it accidentally and it all cracked 🙁 )

My Last Glossybox - August 2015

MeMeMe Lipglide in Playful Peach(normally £6.95)

Would have been exciting if it was my colour. This one is quite pink. I prefer brownish – nude colours for lips. Oh well…

My Last Glossybox - August 2015

So this is it. No more Glossybox updates, till (possibly) next time. But if you wish to subscribe, you are more than welcome to do it HERE. I can assure you, cancelling is quick and easy – you can do it at any time online.

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