Our 5 Musts When Settling Baby to Sleep

Sleepless nights, busy days, at some point you just get used to it and get on with your life as best as you possibly can. It would be so much easier if you could at least get a decent night sleep. The day  after would surely not look as challenging! Settling baby to sleep in the right way in my opinion is as important, as changing his dirty nappies. However, my way might be completely different to your way. Some things that work for me while getting baby to sleep, might not work for you. Babies are different and they like different things – some of them like to get cuddled more, others will be happy as long as they have their dummy in. That’s why us, mums, are so special. To discover what our babies want is our job, talent and mission. Here is our 5 musts when settling baby to sleep:

1. Giving him a bath. Of course, we don’t do it every day. Our baby is still small, not even two months old, he doesn’t get dirty. If bathing baby too often, it can dry out his skin. But it really helps to settle him for the night and he seems to sleep much better after bath.

5 Musts When Settling Baby to Sleep

2. My last evening feed is always different to the day ones. I try to let baby know, that this is evening now and he will have to settle for the night. I get his bed ready, change nappy, change baby into pyjamas, close the curtains and only leave the night light on, so our last feed is in a very little light, room set up for the night. I would use our Colief Infant colic drops if Harry looks in pain (these colic drops seem to do the job really well) and after feeding I put my little one in his cot.

5 Musts When Settling Baby to Sleep

3. Dummy is our very good friend when settling baby to sleep. I know some mums are against dummies, but, honestly, I don’t know how they survive without it! Harry loves his dummy, it has given me piece and silence so many times.

5 Musts When Settling Baby to Sleep

4. Muslin is also necessary part of putting baby to sleep without a doubt! After placing Harry in his cot, I give him the dummy and put muslin next to his cheek. Harry seems to love it! I kiss him goodnight, switch the light off and leave the room. 9 times out of 10 he would fall asleep on his own without any hassle at all.

5 Musts When Settling Baby to Sleep

5. Last but not least or probably even the most important thing not to forget is the ROUTINE. If you gonna be changing how you do things every day, I don’t believe this will ever work. I try to complete each task in exactly the same order every evening. I know it makes babies to feel safe. So far it really worked for me with Daniella and Harry. I have never had to rock them in the evening, they will nicely settle in their own beds without causing too much trouble for mummy.

Let me know what is your way of settling baby to sleep. xxx

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