Sunny Saturday at King George’s Playing Fields

Another weekend is nearly done and sadly we are heading towards the very end of the summer… Luckily we were gifted with lovely weather last Saturday again, so another good opportunity to go out!

King George's Playing FieldsThis time we didn’t feel like going anywhere very far, especially because we have so many beautiful places within few minutes drive from our area. The weather on Saturday was +30 degrees, therefore we have decided to go to King George’s Playing Fields in Brentwood- they have two paddling pools that I thought Daniella would love!

King George's Playing Fields

It was not the first time us visiting that place. We have been using their paddling pools before, 2 years ago (I can’t believe it was that long ago!), when Daniella was still very small! You can check out our previous visit HERE.

We really didn’t go wrong with our decision! Daniella had such a good fun – she loves water! As always, we had a little picnic on the grass (it’s becoming some kind of tradition now). Such a nice, relaxing Saturday.

paddling pool at King George's Playing Fields

paddling pool at King George's Playing Fields

After few hours at King George’sPlaying Fields (they have a pretty nice playground as well), we got back home and made a little BBQ in our balcony (that one is becoming ritual as well). We had some burgers, chicken wings, that were marinated by Edward earlier that day and some finger food to nibble on.

playground at King George's Playing Fields

bbq in the balconyDaniella stayed with us in the balcony as well watching her Peppa Pig cartoons on Edward’s laptop, cosily wrapped in a couple of blankets. In the meantime little Harry was already in his deep sleep, settled for the night… Luka is still on holiday, coming back next week!
Food was lovely so was the company. We were talking of our own future house (if we ever gonna get one), with a nice, big garden, that we will be doing BBQ’s with friends, with a nice white kitchen and happy family of course.. We have come to conclusion, thabbq chicken wingst actually no matter were we live and no matter of how much we own, we are still so blessed to have each other as a family. And yes, we don’t have a garden, but we make a perfect use of our balcony as long as we can fit our BBQ equipment and our family there (it’s a bit squashed though now if we decide to all go), we are perfectly satisfied with what we have. As long as we are together.. (Maybe I should finish here, as I am becoming cheesy again!)third finished

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