Daniella- our Beautiful Toddler Girl

Scrolling down through my blog, bringing back old memories,  I just suddenly realised, that most of my recent posts Beautiful Toddler Girlare about our newest addition – Harry and my other family members are kind of left aside a bit, which is completely not right.  Having a third baby turned our life upside down again. He has just reached two months old recently. But enough about Harry, lets talk about our toddler Daniella today!

Being so occupied with our new baby I haven’t actually realised of how much Daniella has grown during these past two months. She was our youngest before Harry, always defended by us, no matter whether she was right or wrong- Harry’s arrival must have been such a big change for her!

I know I have said that before (not once and not twice), but I want to repeat it over and over again – I am so pleasantly surprised on how Daniella welcomed our little Harry into our family! I always thought it will be my biggest challenge to deal with her jealousy because of lack of attention to her after baby brother’s birth, but so far it was really really good- Daniella loves her baby brother to bits. Kisses him, cuddles him, talks to him, shows toys and even explains colours.

Before her afternBeautiful Toddler Girloon sleep, my toddler Daniella always asks to put her baby brother in her bed next to her for a few minutes. She is no doubt an amazing big sister and I believe she will have a special connection with Harry, I really really do.

I would be lying, if I said, that we only have good days with Daniella and never the challenging ones. My toddler girl has shown her personality recently! Despite her love and kindness to her baby brother, she seems to have a slightly different relationship with her 12 years old sister Luka (Luka is my daughter from my previous marriage). The problem about those two is that they both want to have their own way with no debates! There is a big age gap between Luka and Daniella (9 years difference), but they BOTH seem to think, that they are the same age and that’s where the  relationship fails. I guess they are both in that stage of life – Luka is becoming a teenager and Daniella is turning 3 years old, that is normally also some kind of age crisis for kids.Beautiful Toddler Girl

However, Luka and Daniella have their beautiful moments too. When Luka had her holiday for a month in Lithuania, Daniella missed her so much. She used to get upset if I tell her, that Luka is not coming back today and she always wanted to chat on Skype with her.

Sometimes, in the evening, they both close the door of their bedroom and dancing to the music – they seem to like the same songs ha ha.

Daniella has definitely two personalities. She is the kindest, softest and most loving girl I have ever seen. She cannot go to sleep without us hugging and kissing her and even when the light is already off in her bedroom, for at least 10 minutes she would continuously tell to us: ‘I love you mummy’ (waiting for an answer) then after few seconds: ‘I love you Daddy’ (waiting for Daddy’s reply. Then: ‘I hope the bed bugs don’t bite’ (waits for us to say something back again). Then few more ‘love you’, few more ‘goodnights’ and then she finally falls asleep.

Beautiful Toddler GirlOur toddler girl has her moody moments too. She has reached the age, when she tests us for everything. If we tell Daniella, she can only have her ice cream after lunch, she would cheekily go and get herself ice-cream from the freezer (before lunch). If we tell her off, she starts crying, but not like a poor little thing, but over loud crying – to annoy us as much as she can and see if we finally give up. We do try not to give up,  but that child seems to manage us more than we think she does.. We really need more strength here..

And these are only very few things about Daniella. I could go on and on about her personality. She is a wonderful child overall, we love her to the moon and back. The little challenges that we have, only make our life more interesting. It wouldn’t be right if a toddler would only be perfect.

What challenges do you have with you toddler? xxthird finished

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