Mummy Struggles

Mummy struggles no1

Mummy strugglesLife with 3 kids, a cat and a dog is not very easy at all. In fact it is very adventurous and active (I’m just trying to describe it in the nicest way possible).There are simply not enough hours in the day. Just like this very moment: I am writing this post sitting at the kitchen table, while making dinner and rocking Harry in a mean time. Soon he will be hungry, so I’ll have to postpone all and go to breastfeed him. But I might take my laptop sneakily and type with one hand while Harry eats (is that not called multitasking???). I KNOW, I KNOW, I should not be on my laptop while breastfeeding. I must concentrate on my baby and make a connection with him instead. But what can I do, there are not enough hours in the day (I still need to fold my laundry from the morning)!.. Ahhh mummy struggles…

Mummy struggles no2

(Now feeding Harry and typing)

I don’t know what’s got into my kids recently, but they are not making my life any easier for sure. In fact, since Luka (my 12 years old daughter) came back from her summer holiday in Lithuania, all I can hear in the house is Daniella’s demands to Luka, Luka’s refuses and then constant screaming and shouting. By both, Luka and Daniella (sometimes Harry joins them too). I think Daniella has reached the age, when she tests our patience. What happened to our perfect girl???

Mummy struggles no3

(Carrying on making dinner)

Everything most probably would not look as bad, if I could get a decent sleep at night (or at least a little extra sleep). It’s not only Harry, that keeps me awake. He was not too bad for the past two nights actually. Daniella’s sleep recently became very much interrupted for some reason. She often wakes up at night calling for me. Then I jump off the bed and run over to another room to check on her. Hug, cuddle, kiss and waiting for a while for her to calm down and settle back to sleep. Then going back to my own bed, but often to get called again. I am struggling to think of a reason why is Daniella not sleeping properly. Will have to keep an eye on her..

Of course then it is Harry’s turn to wake up for his milk. I often fall asleep while breastfeeding Harry and wake up only when he is proper annoyed. My poor little boy. 🙂

Mummy struggles no4

(After we had dinner)

My memory is soooo bad recently!!! I know, it’s so called ‘baby brain’, that most women experience during and after pregnancy. But goodness me, I will soon forget names of my children if it gets any worse. (Just like now, I wanted to write something else and I forgot what (not joking)!!!).

I forget everything – what time I put chicken in the oven, if I replied to the email, where I put Harry’s dummy or what I did yesterday! I need my memory back please!

Mummy struggles no5

(Kids are already asleep, so I can finally finish this post off)

It’s unbelievable what women’s body has to go through during pregnancy, giving birth, etc. All extra weight, stretched skin (possibly stretch marks), hurting back, all other afterpains and finally hormons… We can consider ourselves lucky if after giving birth within few months, a year or within few years we can put our ‘deformed’ bodies (sorry if it sounds too strong) back into shape. But it is not always easy..

Harry is 2 months old now and my body is still far from perfect (the question is, if it will ever be anywhere close to perfect??). I still got some weight to lose,  I gained about 20 kilograms during my pregnancy. My scales tells me I weight 57 at the moment, scales at GP said I was 54 kilograms. I don’t know whom shall I believe now.

Even though- 54 or 57, my body feels so different. My tummy is still quite flabby and the rest of my body is pretty soft. I feel like a half empty balloon. Soft and wrinkly. 🙁 Yeh, I know excersising would help. But it’s just simply so unfair, that man bodies don’t have to go through any of these changes. Must be so easy to remain good looking forever!mummy struggles

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