Reallocating: House Hunting Round two!


I am sorry I haven’t been around for a while. We had a stressful week- the house that we wanted to rent in Stoke-on-Trent was given to someone Reallocating: House Hunting Round two!else. Our project ‘reallocating’ has become pretty stressful all of a sudden. 🙁

We had a feeling we wont be getting the first house we wanted anyway. From the very beginning things were not going right. We were extremely unlucky with the agency or the actual agent that we were dealing with. Cameron from Goodchilds lettings agency in Stoke-on-Trent seemed completely uninterested to assist us and the whole process was very disorganised, long and disappointing.

Two weeks ago, when we decided to apply for the first house, we had to go to Goodchilds lettings agency to pay £250 to secure the house (we had it refunded later on). After paying, we left the agency with a bitter feeling- agent Cameron wasn’t very friendly towards us. He was not rude, but we had a strong feeling, he didn’t like us at all. We just kept quiet, as we really wanted that house.. More about it in my previous blog post HERE.

Few days after just confirmed the feeling. Edward and I tried our best to communicate with the agency, to pass references on as soon as possible, etc. However Cameron didn’t rush with anything. Was so frustrating, as he did not even bother replying to our emails. He also lied to us, that he has emailed referencing forms to our current employers and current agency, even though he only did it after we gave him some pressure – nearly two weeks after submitting application.

We were told we have to go through the credit check before landlord chooses between us and other people applying for this same house.. We wasted nearly two weeks waiting for Cameron to actually start doing something. Finally we got a reply from the agent even before credit checks were done (probably our lovely agent Cameron had enough of us). Of course we were not the ones chosen to rent the property. Two weeks wasted for nothing.Reallocating: House Hunting Round two!

Being honest, we were so tired of chasing and waiting for the agent to actually do something, we didn’t really care no more if we are going to get this house. We just wanted to get an answer and get on with searches instead of wasting our time – moving out date is fast approaching!

So last Monday before 7am we were on the way to Stoke-on-Trent again for house hunting, round two. We made some appointments over the weekend to see different houses with different letting agencies. It kept us busy for the whole day, but no luck with finding the house. Reallocating is more stressful than we thought it was!

We stayed in my cousins house and Tuesday morning we started searching again. We were losing our all hopes at the end of the day- there was really nothing suitable for us. And we only had 1 appointment left.

But that was the one!

Last house that we saw on Tuesday was nice and cosy, in a nice area- we could really see us living there. However, that was even more stressful, as we were sure more people would apply for this and we might not get it again.

This time though everything was opposite to our previous experience. At the house we were greeted by a lovely lady Jayne from Martin & Co lettings agency in Stoke-on-Trent. She showed us around, answered every single question we had, was extremely friendly and polite. We felt so much more comfortable and really grateful to know, that not all agencies are actually horrible.

Reallocating: House Hunting Round two!

We put our details down to register our interest in renting this house and then we had to wait until the morning for the decision. We were actually afraid to get too excited. After previous disappointment we didn’t know what to expect.

On Wednesday in the morning we had couple more viewings (just in case) and then long waited call finally came through! It was Jayne from Martin & Co lettings agency with great news! We were successful!

Even though I really felt like jumping up and down at the time, I know it’s too early. We still have to go though all credit checks, all paperworks and only then we get the keys. Therefore we can’t yet confirm, that we have the place 100% as of yet. But I really really hope for the best!… Hope I didn’t jinx it by writing this post! 😉my life, my passion

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