Daniella’s Birthday Party

After Edward finished work on Friday, we all jumped into the car and got going to London! The main reason of this whole trip was to celebrate Daniella’s birthday on Saturday at Edward’s parents house, together with his Mum’s and Brother’s birthdays. Birthday party was entirely organised by Daniella’s grandparents. After moving the house we really would not have had enough time to take care of all…

The party was great. Plenty of food, many people. We really a had good fun. Daniella was definitely feeling like a princess. She did enjoy being the centre of attention so much! Every time the door bell rung, she was the first one by the door, expecting more presents to come. 😀 We sang happy birthday song for probably 5 times, if not more! For Daniella, Edward’s mum, Edward’s brother Jim and few more people whose birthdays are around the same date! No one got left forgotten! 🙂

Birthday party and presents

The morning after, on Sunday, Daniella was probably the first one to wake up – extra excited to open her all presents! She literally could not hold herself together unpacking each and every package. She received a lot of toys – Peppa Pig Dough, Magnetic Drawing Boards, Alphabet Puzzle, etc, some clothes and money! Lots of beautiful greeting cards with lovely birthday wishes.

Birthday party and presents

I could not have imagined a better birthday party for our little girl, big thanks to her wonderful Grandparents. They definitely know how to make her happy.

Just after lunch on Sunday we made a move towards our new home at Stoke-on-Trent. Journey was long, as we had to pick up Luka from her dad’s in Wimbledon, therefore one more hour driving added to our already 3.5 hours trip. But the time has actually passed fast and in no time we were at home, sitting on our comfy sofa, watching X-Factor!my life, my passion

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