Furniture that we Bought for our New Home

Furniture that we Bought for the New Home justina ivanauskieneGoodness me, moving is expensive! It cost us even more this time than ever before, as the current house that we rent was empty (just as our pockets now)- no furniture, no fridge, no washing machine. Here only was kitchen cupboards, and luckily two wardrobes- in our bedroom and in Luka’s room. Therefore we had to buy most of the things ourselves.

Anyway, as much as it was painful to our wallets, it was also very exciting, I have to admit. We love creating our home and buying all the lovely things, that we believe will add some cosiness to our surroundings. So we just closed our eyes and…. SPENT…

The first priority for us as soon as we moved in it was to get the fridge and the washing machine. I cannot imagine our life without those, but probably no one can.  We have decided to buy them second hand ones, as we will unlikely be taking them to another property, once we decide to move out (hopefully not any time soon). Looked up on Gumtree and VOILA (victory in French apparently)Our fridge and the washing machine are both Hotpoint brand and actually in a really good working order.

I really do like the washing machine! We paid £100 (second hands) for it and it’s lovely! It has 8 kilograms load, which is very useful having a big family like ours. It’s pretty quiet, many options, looks fancy (lights and buttons 😀 ) and really does a great job!

The fridge was not such a success unfortunately. We paid £75.00 for it (used). It’s looks huge (we do need a big fridge), but there is actually not much space inside. It’s just stupidly made, I wouldn’t ever buy anything like that ever again!

Furniture that we Bought for the New Home Hotspot fridge and washing machine


For our living room we bought a glass coffee table from The Range shop. I could swear it was £84.99 when we bought it, but when I checked their website now, it is actually £49.99!!!  It’s a cute coffee table, however, it has very sharp corners – I keep on bumping my knees every time I pass. I must get some knee pads or something for that!

Furniture that we Bought for the New Home black glass coffee table from the range

Furniture that we Bought for the New Home black glass coffee table from the range

At The Range I also fell in love with the white shoe rack! We really did need one, we didn’t plan to pay that much for it though.. It was another £100 spent towards our new life in Stoke-on-Trent. It doesn’t even store that many pairs of shoes, but it’s actually enough for us. And most importantly – it looks pretty. 🙂

Furniture that we Bought for the New Home glossy white shoe rack storage from the range

TV table was another must on our list.  For the first few days after moving, we used a card box as TV stand. Quite fashionable. 😉 We bought something more suitable in Ikea later. It is not actually TV stand, but we decided that it will work well for us. It’s some kind of storage unit, that we were able to customise ourselves. We wanted it to be white and have black glossy finish drawers. We were pretty happy with the result, however recently I found some other TV stand, that I really fell in love with. I wish I didn’t rush with this one. 🙁

Furniture that we Bought for the New Home tv table from Ikea

Living room cabinet we also got from Ikea. It was a pleasant surprise actually, as it came out cheaper than we thought it will. We just bought a white book case + glass doors for it and a smaller book case without any doors. The whole lot came up to about £110.

Furniture that we Bought for the New Home living room display cabinet from ikea

Luckily we have already had children’s beds, computer desk, kitchen table and some more furniture, so we did not have to buy all at once.

We also bought many small items – recycle bin, chairs seat covers, new chopping board, picture frames and other every day musts. All this reallocating shopping did cost us a lot of money, but honestly, we loved every second of it! Spending money is truly therapeutic.

We are nearly complete now. Double bed is the only thing left on our purchases list! Once we get it, I will be revealing pictures of the house! Looking forward to that, we are very nearly there!my life, my passion

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