Happy Birthday Daniella!

So hard to believe, my not so little girl any more has turned 3 yesterday! Very happy birthday to you, our Little Angel! Mummy and Daddy love you so much!!!!!

Our day was very exciting actually. Edward unfortunately had to work, so before he left for the day, we all went to Daniella’s bedroom with a cake, singing happy birthday to her. Daniella was still asleep when we came, so her initial reaction was not very happy (see the video). 😀 But as soon as she realised what was all the fuss about, she has lightened up immediately!

After Daniella blew out the candle, we all went downstairs to check her birthday presents out. She is recently obsessed with Anna from Frozen, therefore we bought her a doll Anna. We didn’t go wrong at all, Daniella was well excited!!!

We had some of Daniella’s birthday cake for breakfast (this was her wish) and Edward went to work.

The whole day yesterday actually felt like Christmas! I had about 7 deliveries by different delivering companies. Some of the items were had ordered online ourselves and others much more exciting! One huge package came in 3 separate Amazon boxes. I was taken aback when delivery man arrived, as I was only expecting for one small parcel from Amazon, that Edward has ordered couple of days ago. Of course, two other boxes were for Daniella! From uncle Jim! What a lovely surprise! She received two big boxes of Lego – one is Peppa Pig House, another Lego Duplo various bricks – 80 pieces. Daniella was so happy!!! She loves Peppa Pig and she loves Lego in general. She has already got some at home, so it will be great addition to her collection!

Happy Birthday Daniella!

peppa pig lego house

Daniella has also received a lovely birthday card from her grandma, Edward’s mum, through the post. That was a great surprise too. Daniella was studying the card for good 10 minutes. Then put it together with the rest of her presents.

We have also received two pairs of Converse shoes yesterday by post- one for Daniella, one for Luka. I ordered Daniella’s shoes from Cloggs website. I got her pink ones with the zip. Quite happy with those. Just the zip is not on the side that I thought it would be. It’s facing outside and Converse sign is inside. Would have preferred the other way around.

converse pink toddler shoes

Luka decided to buy Converse shoes herself for the money that she has received from aunty Jolita (my sister) on her birthday. She picked it from Office online shop Double Tongue Navy Peackok ones. They are actually lovely!

concerse double tongue navy shoes

And this is it. Our day pretty similar to any other day, but it was very special.  It was great to see Daniella so happy, big thanks to wonderful people who helped her feel that way. On the weekend we will be going to London and Daniella will have some proper celebrations together with her grandma, Edward’s mum. Grandma’s birthday was only one day before Daniella’s, so for the second year in a row they have decided to have party together. 🙂

peppa pig lego house Happy Birthday Daniella!Happy Birthday Daniella!

Happy Birthday Daniella! peppa pig lego house

disney frozen Anna doll

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