Harry’s 3 Months Old Update


I am so behind with everything recently. This update was meant to get posted last Wednesday – 4 days ago! It has been so crazy with all house moving stuff. But things are starting to look brighter now, I will shortly catch up with all my delays, I promise!

Yay, our little Harry is 3 months old! Gosh, how much he changes every month! He is so different, so much bigger now. Laughs out loud being tickled, loves interacting replies in his own language when we speak to him, makes funny expression when we lean forwards to kiss him – opens his mouth wide, closes his eyes tightly and gets very tense – like we are going to attack him ha ha. 😀

baby 3 Months Old UpdateLife is definitely easier now. Things are falling into places. Days are much more similar to each other, easier to get things done.

Our nights are not to complain about. Harry settles to sleep at 8-9pm, then wakes up at around 5am for a feed. He has his milk and falls back asleep while eating. After that he normally demands for food at 7am. He does fall asleep while eating again, but this is my waking up time. Harry sleeps for about two more hours while I have my breakfast and feed other kids. Then my little baby is full of life at around 9am. He stays awake for a bit- an hour or so, interacting with the world. Happily spends time in his bouncer or in his sisters company (often sneakily trying to watch Daniella’s cartoons on TV).

baby 3 Months Old Update

Harry has many short naps during the day – for an hour or so and one long nap. It normally falls together with Daniella’s nap, so I am loving it – this time is MY time! House is peaceful and quiet! Harry then sleeps for about 3 hours in a row, sometimes even more!

We are still struggling with colic time to time. Sometimes it get’s better and I already think that it’s gone for good, but then it comes back again… I so hope that it won’t last for long. It’s hard to watch my baby struggling…

baby 3 Months Old Update

Harry pays more attention to toys now. He watches them, grabs and finally tries tasting them! He now spends a lot of time in his bouncer on his own and actually started liking his swing! So I have much more time for whatever I do.

Harry still fits in size 2 Pampers nappies and wears 0-3 size baby clothes. Some 0-3 clothes are now getting a bit tight, but 3-6 months are far too big yet. That ‘in between’ stage is quite annoying clothes are either too small, or very big.




I feel now fully recovered after giving birth and back on track. I just didn’t have a chance yet to concentrate more on myself not doing any sports, didn’t yet go to the hairdresser or haven’t had a chance to do any clothes shopping, even though I really need to renew my wardrobe! It has also been super busy with moving the house as well as the city, so not even a thought of any extra activities! But once we are proper back into our normal routine, I will surely tighten my belts with no excuses!

To be honest I have no idea how much I weight at the moment. My scales are still packed in one of 100000 boxes when moving, I really don’t know where, therefore cannot weigh myself. But I am certainly still not happy with how I look. Especially my tummy- it is still here. 🙁 Would have been stupid to expect that nothing is gonna change in my body after having 3 kids. But hey, at least I have boobs while I am nursing! 😉

My memory is still messed up, it’s really annoying! I cannot remember what I did 10 minutes ago, where I placed what and I even forget to eat sometimes! I really hope it will come back to normal shortly, It is hard to function this way. 🙂 xxmy life, my passion

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