How we Celebrate our Fridays

How do we Celebrate our Friday

I love Fridays! Love them more than any other day. Even more than the actual weekend! It is definitely my favourite day of the week! Friday is always special and different to any other day in our family. It already feels different from the very morning. Even my same usual cleaning routine is not exactly the same. It’s more enjoyable, more motivating. I am so glad it’s Friday again!

Although Edward has to work Monday to Friday, on the last day of his working week the feeling is normally different from any other morning. After I manage to get myself off the bed (it’s normally pretty early, 3 kids are not allowing me to stay in bed until the lunch time unfortunately), have my breakfast and put Harry into his bouncer, I start my normal cleaning routine. However, on Fridays (and Mondays) I try to clean everything more neatly. I prefer doing this while I am alone with kids, rather wasting our precious family time on the weekend.

Even though it takes a bit longer than any other day, but I do enjoy cleaning on Fridays. I put the music loud on and ‘dancing’ with the mop till all is nice and shiny. I am happy, cos I know it’s Friday!

There are two ways of us celebrating after Edward comes back from work. If we decide to have a normal dinner at home, I would normally try to make something more special – like roast meat or something else, that my whole family really likes. However, most of the time we would just have ‘snacks’ dinner in a living room in front of the TV. We prepare quite a lot of finger foods – make couple of pizzas, chicken nuggets, cheese, fried onion rings, nachos, prawns or other nibbles that we have available in the fridge. Then we all sit around in relaxing atmosphere – some on the sofa, some on the floor and enjoy the evening while chatting and watching TV. Currently our favourite program on Friday is Gogglebox!

How do we Celebrate our Friday

Do you celebrate your Fridays or is there another day in a week that you like most? Please let me know in the comments below! xmy life, my passion

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