Is Having 3 Kids Embarrassing?

Is Having 3 Kids Embarrassing? Justina ivanauskieneI feel so wrong writing this. Having 3 kids was and is an amazing (often challenging) experience to me. To be honest I didn’t plan on such a big family in the first place. But now that I have, I would not change it for anything.


I did come across some mixed reactions. Especially from people, who don’t even know me (us) well. First awkward situations started as soon as I announced of my pregnancy. Thankfully most of the reactions of us having a third baby were very positive, but as we should have expected, there were some not very pleasant opinions and some of them were even humiliating. I was once told, that having 3 kids will make us look underclass or problem family. I might be stupid here, but I really don’t get WHY. My kids are all dressed up, all fed, we work, we pay tax just like other people do, so what does it have in common being underclass with having 3 kids?

If you follow my blog, you probably know, that after I gave birth to Harry we have decided to reallocate to another city. Looking for the house to rent was not easy at all. Why? Because having 3 kids is like having 3 monsters, they might destroy the house, therefore no one wants to let you in. How unfair is that??? We were told (or laughed) straight into our faces by some letting agents, that there is no way landlord will accept us, just because of having 3 kids. Seriously? Would it be better if we were just a couple that likes partying, smokes in the house, invites dodgy mates who throw up anywhere on the floor once they get drunk? Would they prefer that rather us, having 3 kids, living calm family life? Sorry, but I find it a little bit strange…

One of the very recent situations was when I had a meeting scheduled at my daughter Luka’s new school. Edward was working that day, so I had no choice, but to go there with my 3 beautiful children. I got quite protective during this past time (especially renting the house), therefore I called the school to warn them, that I am coming with my 3 little ones. Lady on the phone re-asked me for probably about 5 times with how many children I was coming (1… 2… 3… is it so difficult to count?). She said she was gonna check with someone if this was not a problem (when she finally counted) and will let me know. She of course never called me back, therefore I got ready with my three little soldiers and just went there. Thankfully those people at the meeting were really nice. They didn’t have any problems with my big family.

So is having 3 kids embarrassing? No, I don’t think so. The only one big minus for me is that there is hell a lot of dishes to wash after dinner! 🙂 I am proud of my 3 children, proud of my family and cannot imagine my life without them. I always say, if we become millionaires one day, I might consider even a 4th child and I wont be at all embarrassed being a mum of 4! However, we have to become millionaires pretty soon then, as I am not getting any younger neither does Edward. 🙂 There were also plenty of positive reactions about our big family. Many more than horrible ones. And this is all we should try focusing on. There is enough negativity in the world. Lets try to be more understanding to each other. Haters are just jealous! 😉my life, my passion

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