Family Christmas Presents Wish List

It is not even December yet, but I already cannot wait for Christmas! I am so looking forward to decorating the house, putting the Christmas tree up– this is no doubt my favourite time of the year! As a family we always put up decorations together, it’s really fun! I want to make atmosphere as magic as possible, especially for the kids.

But to be honest, Edward and I are like kids ourselves! Since the moment we moved in to this house we were already thinking of where we are gonna put our Christmas tree (it was only September!), how nice and cosy we will have it over the festive season. And FINALLY that magic time is nearly here!

However, decorating the house will have to wait until early December at least. I don’t want to lose the magic by having Christmas decorations for too long. At the moment I can only enjoy the thoughts and plans about it, and making Family’s Christmas Wish List:

Harry- our nearly 5 months old son

Family's Christmas Presents Wish List, baby boy, harry manzano, justina ivanauskiene, edward manzano

It wont be too difficult picking a Christmas present for our smallest one. He is not yet picky at all. 🙂 I was thinking about one of the followings:

  • Nice outfit from the Next or other store
  • Music toy from Entertainer or other shop
  • Or maybe a high chair

Daniella – our 3 years old toddler girl

Family's Christmas Presents Wish List, 3 years old half filipino girl

For Daniella I have quite a big list in mind (doesn’t mean that she will be getting all of these). She is obsessed with Glitzi Globes, Play Doh, Peppa Pig, Frozen, so deciding on Daniella’s Christmas present is only a matter of finding what will make our little girl happiest. At the moment my options are:

Luka- my 12 years daughter

Family's Christmas Presents Wish List, luka ivanauskaite

It’s getting more complicated now, as Luka’s wishes are quite big. She has mentioned she wanted an Ipad (even though she has her own laptop and smart phone), but I won’t put this on the list, as we are not going to get it for sure. Firstly, I think she already spends too much time online and secondly, kids are too spoiled these days with expensive presents. They need to learn appreciating every little thing that comes. Therefore Luka’s Christmas present will have to be much more realistic this year. This is what I have in mind for now:

  • Maybe something from Zoella’s line, as Luka adores her
  • Possibly some jewellery. Maybe necklaces with her name or some earrings
  • Nice outfit, as she is at the age, where she starts to care of what she is actually wears or shopping voucher, so she can pick whatever she likes herself
  • Luka has also mentioned she wanted a skateboard 😀

Edward – my other half

Family's Christmas Presents Wish List, edward manzano

He has already got his Christmas present– a Garmin Fenix 3 GPS Fitness Watch! It actually covers 3 upcoming Christmas as well, as it is so pricey! On the serious note, on Edwards Christmas wish list I would put following little gifts:

  • New wallet
  • Voucher for Jack & Jones – he loves that store!
  • Perfume- he likes Montblanc at the moment

Me, myself and I

Family's Christmas Presents Wish List, justina ivanauskiene

Ah, where do I start? 😀 I am not going to be very shy, but admit, that my most wanted out of all Christmas presents would be a Macbook Pro laptop! It is not anything I desperately need, but something, that I definitely fancy. I am not putting it on my Christmas wishlist though, as I am definitely not getting this, not just yet. My more realistic Christmas presents wish list is below:

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