Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!Where do I start. This Christmas was eventful – the least I can say. In my previous ‘Christmas Plans‘ post, I explained how we imagined it to be, but it’s not exactly how it went. “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
― says Allen Saunders.

First of all, we all got some silly terrible flu out of nowhere. Daniella was first. After giving her a bath Tuesday evening (22nd December), I realised she was pretty hot. I didn’t take much notice of it. Just put her to bed, kissed good night and thought she will sleep it off.

I was wrong.

At around midnight I went to check on her and found poor thing boiling hot. I gave Daniella some Calpol and set her to sleep, hoping all will be better in the morning.

That unfortunately didn’t happen. Daniella woke up with the temperature 38.9, feeling extremely poorly. I was struggling to get her temperature down. She has also completely lost her voice and started having a terrible cough. Throughout the day things did not get any better, temperature raised up to nearly 40 degrees and it was almost impossible to get it down. 🙁 Edward has also called from work to say, he was not feeling well.

The timing couldn’t be worse, as we still had to do our grocery shopping that Wednesday. Harry started feeling unwell too. That evening Edward, Daniella and Harry, all had temperature around 39. I was the only one standing, but was also not feeling great – blocked nose, sore throat, I was afraid it was only a matter of time to get temperature too.

Don’t ask me how did we managed to do our grocery shopping, somehow we did. It was the main thing- had to be done before Christmas.

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

The morning after, on Christmas Eve, things didn’t get any better. But we couldn’t just give up. 12 non meaty Christmas Eve dishes had to go on the table for that dinner as planned. I am not gonna lie, it wasn’t easy. Cooking while looking after ill children and while Edward was unwell was a mission.

But we did it.

Edward’s family arrived at around 5pm and we all sat down for a Christmas Eve dinner Lithuanian style.

Dinner went better that I thought it would. Apart of Edward and kids feeling poorly. I was getting really worried about them and after we finished our dinner, we finally called 111 to get assessed by out of hours GP. Our appointment was made for 1.50am (!). I already had a feeling, this was gonna be a long night… Edward went to get some sleep before we had to go, but I was staying awake. Was so paranoid about Harry’s cough and temperature- he seemed to have difficulty to breath, especially after coughing. Daniella seemed to be a little better, so we left her with grandparents at home.

Before 2am I woke Edward up, dressed Harry up and we all went to out of hours GP. Doctor Checked Harry’s temperature (he still had 38.8), listened to his chest, checked the throat, and asked us some questions. He said that Harry had bronchitis. He told us to go hospital to get monitored for the few hours. He wrote some letter for the hospital and so we went there.

As soon as we arrived to the hospital (at around 3am), we were firstly surprised- nothing like London overcrowded hospitals. There were only few people in accidents and emergency waiting room. We anticipated it will be quick. We were completely wrong.

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!Receptionist showed us to children’s waiting rooms. Two nurses appointed us immediately – checked Harry’s temperature, listened to his chest and then walked us to the box room and told us to wait for the doctor. So we did. Harry was all the time on my arms fast asleep. We were knackered. After nearly two hours (!) waiting, at around 4.30-5am Edward asked the nurse how much longer will we have to wait for. We were told, that the waiting time is couple of hours, as the doctor has to take care of other patients, also the adults section.

I then asked the nurse what is the doctor going to do. If she is just going to take Harry’s temperature and listen to his chest like others did, or check him out properly. I was assured, that the doctor will check Harry properly and that it’s really worth a wait. I have decided not to be a selfish cow and to wait as long as it takes for the sake of my son.

Another two long hours in a box room and that long waited doctor has finally come (just before 7am)! And guess what? Listened to Harry’s chest, checked his throat and told us to go home! After all this wait!!! I mean, I was happy to be told, that there is nothing to worry about, but why didn’t we get told this by the first doctor at 2am in the first place??? All nights effort felt for nothing.

We got back home at 7am Christmas morning, shattered. We managed to go to bed for about two hours, but soon needed to wake up and get on with Christmas preparations. Edward was feeling extremely poorly now, his temperature was 39+ and kids were also not well. 🙁

After Christmas lunch we started opening presents. We received so many of them! Most of the presents were, of course for the kids. Toys, clothes, all sort of things, that made everyone, but especially Daniella so happy! Huge THANK YOU to all wonderful people who remembered us!

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth! Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

We served roast gammon for Christmas dinner with roast potatoes ans sprouts. Food was lovely, but family was still feeling unwell… Daniella got her high temperature back, Edward was struggling too and Harry was also unwell.. What a Christmas.. 🙁

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

On the boxing day Edwards family went for some shopping, but we all stayed home… Needed to recover somehow. Thank God, later on that day, Edward started feeling much better, his temperature had gone down, but Daniella and Harry were still poorly.

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

Christmas, Hospitals and First Tooth!

The exciting moment on the Boxing Day was, when I realised, that Harry has got his first tooth out! Possibly it made poor baby feel even worse. Generally however, I wouldn’t call it a a difficult teething so far. Harry was pretty much normal, regular self until he got ill. I knew though, that his tooth was near, as his gums looked swollen and he had a two little bumps there on the bottom, where the tooth is now. Harry also kept on robbing his bottom gums with his tongue before first tooth came out and salivating a lot!

Yesterday morning Edward’s family went back home and Christmas is now over. It’s gone so fast. We feel we didn’t make most of it, because of being ill, but we still had a great time. Hopefully next time family visits, we will be able to be more active.

Hope you had a beautiful Christmas!my life, my passion

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