Christmas Plans

Christmas Plans

You might be already fed up with my Christmas posts by now. Sorry if you are, but that’s how we live these days – it’s all about Christmas! Shopping, preparing, planning, decorating, etc… Getting busier as we get closer!

This Christmas we will have Edward’s family visiting- mum, dad and brother. They are coming from London and will be staying for a few days. We are all very excited, Edwards parents will be visiting for the first time since we reallocated. We hope they will enjoy it here. Lola and Lolo are missing their grandchildren and children are missing them. Daniella in particular. She keeps on asking me pretty much every two hours, if Lola and Lolo are coming today. 😀

Luka wont be with us during Christmas this year. She went to London on Saturday to see her dad and they will be flying to Lithuania tomorrow to enjoy celebrations with her Lithuanian grandparents. Luka was looking forward to this holiday for so long. She was hoping to see snow in Lithuania, but, to be honest, I don’t think it will happen – it’s far too warm this year!

Edward and I done one part of our Christmas shopping last weekend.  We got pretty much all the presents, that we needed to get (not for each other yet!!!), also some more Christmas decorations for the house along with Christmas crackers. In terms of food we bought nice cuts of beef and gammon for roasting – it will be served for Christmas dinner and some vegetables. We are still due for proper grocery shopping tomorrow or on Wednesday.

We also went to our local Lithuanian shop, which is very small and have a very limited stock unfortunately. We bought few things, as we are planing to prepare 12 non-meat dishes (fish, mushrooms, etc) for Christmas Eve, as per Lithuanian tradition (some other countries do that as well). It is normally very much family dinner without any loud music or strong alcoholic drinks. It has its own traditions and rituals. For example, as I was told as a child, that if you had an argue or were upset with someone throughout the year, you must make it up on Christmas eve – you should not hold any anger on that day. Same if you owe money to someone, you should give them back before you sit for Christmas Eve dinner. I could go on and on and on about how we celebrate, but it is not my aim to get you bored. 🙂 However, if you are interested of what are Lithuanian Christmas Eve traditions, you can take a look HERE or on WIKIPEDIA.

Christmas Plans

So the Christmas plans are:

Edward’s family is coming over on Christmas Eve at probably around 7-8pm. by then we will have a non meaty Christmas Eve dinner ready, we will all eat once they arrive.

On Christmas morning we will start with preparations for late lunch/ early dinner. We will make roast beef and gammon (Edward has got a really good recipe for that- tried and tested), salads, meats and more, more and more food.

We are not making turkey. I never even ate it in  my life, to be honest. Edward told me it’s pretty dry and nothing impressive, therefore I decided to believe him and go ahead with beef and gammon instead. Let me know if you think otherwise or if you have any good turkey recipes, I might still change my mind! 🙂

We want to make Christmas as homey and cosy, as possible. Ahhh, I am so looking forward to this!

When Christmas is over, we are planning to take Edwards family to Buxton – it’s really beautiful there. Hopefully the weather will allow us to do this. Shopping on boxing day, probably, and just quality time with the family.

What plans do you have for Christmas?my life, my passion

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