5 Things that I am Obsessed with

 Things that I am Obsessed withTV program- Come Dine With Me

Love it, love it, love it! I am not gonna lie, I watch it every day! Come Dine With Me- couples, Come Dine With Me- Christmas, abroad, celebrities…. EVERYTHING! It came to the point, that Edward makes that dramatic SIGHT, if I switch another TV program to Come Dine With Me. Kind of ‘NOT AGAIN’. Yes, I admit, I am obsessed! I think it is one of the best TV programs ever (my turn for a happy sight now). 🙂

Cleaning wipes

Yes, that’s what I mean. Cleaning wipes. I know, it’s kind of silly, but I can’t help it! I love cleaning wipes and I buy ridiculous amounts – for the floor, for the surface, for windows, for the microwave! I love them scented, so it leaves the sense of freshness in the house. I am aware, that the cleaning spray does very similar job, but it’s just so much easier with wipes.


And my mouth starts watering from the thought of it! Seafood is the best! Every time we eat out, I look for the seafood in a menu – calamari, prawns, mussels, lobster is definitely something I am obsessed with! If we go for holiday any time soon, I know where I want to go – somewhere, where there is a lot of SEAFOOD!

Chorizo sausage

Another ‘must have’ in the fridge. It’s not the healthiest option ever, but it’s totally delicious! I eat chorizo on it’s own. I just slice it and here it goes! Once I start, there is no end for it. I already tried a lot of different brands of chorizos. My favourite so far is the one from Sainsbury’s store (but I don’t remember the exact maker, sorry) YUMMY!!!! A strange thing about my chorizo obsession is, that I could not even look at it when I was pregnant – it was physically making me sick. But I am certainly back into my old (unhealthy) habits again!


How sad is that??? 🙁 But yes, I have addiction to Facebook unfortunately. My first movement in the morning as soon as I wake up is normally to check it as well as my last thing to do, before I fall asleep. I also check Facebook throughout the day countless times. It’s on my phone, on my laptop, I even check damn Facebook while writing this post. Please tell me i am not the only one so obsessed?… 🙁

 Things that I am Obsessed with

If you ask Edward, he would probably tell you, that I have an OCD for cleaning. But this is not true! I don’t agree with it in a million years. Unless such thing like morning cleaning OCD exists. I mean, in the morning the house has to be spotless. If Edward or kids are helping me with cleaning, I often pick on their faults – dusts not wiped off properly, not hoovering the way I do, etc (I know, I know, I am horrible 😀 ). Then they get upset and tell me I am obsessed with my cleaning. But then there is evening, where my laziness kicks in and I have to force myself to even clean the kitchen after the dinner. So the conclusion is, that I only have a morning cleaning ocd, or I have none!

What obsessions do you have? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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