Bye Bye Baby Clothes…

Today was a sad day. I finally decided to say goodbye to Harry’s baby clothes. By saying ‘baby clothes’ I mean sizes like ‘tiny baby’, ‘first size’, ‘newborn’ and ‘0-3 months’. I sorted them all nicely by the age and will be putting online later reluctant to sell. I am sure some other cutie might still find a good use of it. Some of Harry’s baby clothes had never even been worn – our little monkey grew out so fast!

Bye Bye Baby Clothes

While sorting the clothes, I couldn’t help, but feel slightly emotional. They are not ‘just’ bunch of baby clothes for us, they are full of memories and associations. Especially the little tiny ones…

Bye Bye Baby ClothesWhen Edward called me from work today and I explained to him what I was up to, he insisted me to keep Harry’s very first – Winnie the Pooh outfit. I was surprised he remembered it! Edward told me, he still recalls me telling him just after giving birth, of what to dress Harry in for the first time. How lovely, I really didn’t think he would. 🙂 So I am leaving this very first outfit for memories then… 🙂

Bye Bye Baby Clothes

Comparing Harry back then, six months ago and now, I am struggling to keep my tears back (I know, I know, cry baby I am!)… Where has the time gone and what’s happened to my little helpless baby? Then I think about Daniella… Over 3 years old already! And finally Luka… 12 years old! Gosh that makes me feel old!!! It feels just recently I was spoon-feeding her, and here she is today, begging me to wear mascara to school!

Bye Bye Baby Clothes

I just wish sometimes there was some kind of button to adjust the speed of life. I would really use it for slowing down. I don’t want to grow old, I don’t want my kids to grow up so fast, I want to get use of those tiny baby clothes for (at least) a little longer… Let’s just finish it here, as I am getting sad again. Bye bye baby clothes… 🙁


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