Semi Permanent Eyebrows in 2 Minutes- Wunderbrow Review

Semi Permanent Eyebrows- Wunderbrow ReviewTo begin with, very quickly about my previous permanent (tattooed) eyebrows experience. I had it done professionally few years back. It was OK, I didn’t regret it, but I would not do it again- it’s expensive, it doesn’t last forever (definitely not for 5 years, as they are promising), it’s pretty painful and doesn’t look natural. Now, that my eyebrows had faded, I had to look for another solution to make it look as nice and as natural, as possible.

During the past couple of years, I have tried many different products for eyebrows – some were ok, some of them not very good. But nothing wowed me ever until I discovered Wunderbrow.

Wunderbrow advertisement accidentally appeared on my facebook feed one day. It caught my eye, as it was promising long lasting eyebrows (for about 5 days if used correctly), no smudging, natural look and waterproof. Sounded like a perfect eyebrow kit for me!

It finally had my full attention, because of many great reviews and happy customers, that were thanking Wunderbrow for the amazing product. After googling it and checking Amazon reviews and elsewhere, it all seemed even more convincing – there were 99% positive comments across the internet. I had to give it a go.

Semi Permanent Eyebrows- Wunderbrow ReviewI bought Wunderbrow eyebrows kit from Amazon. I was struggling while choosing the colour, though. From the first glance, it looks pretty clear- Wunderbrow comes in 4 different colours – Blonde, Black/Brown, Auburn, Brunette. So the name says it all. BUT. After watching some videos tutorials and googling photos of people using Wunderbrow, I discovered, that their blond shade, (that would obviously be recommended to me, because of my hair colour) is almost invisible.It for sure would not be good enough for me. I like my eyebrows pretty dark. Almost too dark for my look. So after long thinking I have decided to get the darkest (!!!) Wunderbrow colour – Black/Brown.

My ‘new eyebrows’ arrived next day, packed in a little box. There were two items inside – a brush, very similar to the one from mascara and a bottle with the product itself. I was so excited to try!

I applied Wunderbrow on the clean and dry eyebrow – as per instructions. The application itself was actually easier than I thought it would be. All you have to do is to put some colour on and then soften and distribute by grooming brow upwards and outwards with the “mascara” brush. Reapply if more product is needed.Semi Permanent Eyebrows- Wunderbrow Review

The final result was actually good. I am far from an expert, but shaping my eyebrows was easy, even when doing it for the first time.  Just maybe (cough) I should have not picked the darkest colour… Probably Wunderbrow Brunette would have suited me better. But It is actually not too bad, I only put one or two layers and I am good to go! So if you like darker eyebrows, I definitely suggest you not to get blond colour Wunderbrow, even if your hair is blond! 🙂

Wunderbrow eyebrows stayed on for several days, so it really does what it says! I am excited, this will be a life saver when going to the swimming pool or for holiday! I will certainly buy it again!

Semi Permanent Eyebrows- Wunderbrow Review

I am happy I finally found my favourite eyebrows product. I will stick with Wunderbrow eyebrows for the time being. Maybe next similar thing they could invent would be a semi-permanent eyeliner??? I would be the first customer to buy it, I promise. 🙂onlinelogomaker-082415-2046

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  1. Love how it looks on you! I also had permanent make-up done and I totally agree – it definitely does not last 5 years! With my brows, after 1 year, I could not see any sign of it! I also got Wunderbrow and I will be writing review of it this week.


    • I wouldn’t do permanent make-up again. So pricey and doesn’t last. But I love Wunderbrow, using it until today! I can’t wait for your thoughts on this. Will pop over to your blog to check it out! 🙂 xx

  2. My hair is very blonde, almost white now with age, and in the past I used a pale grey eyebrow pencil or kohl stick. Having tried Wunderborw, it would be wonderful if they did a grey tone one, because the one for blondes turned out to be a rather weak coloured ginger tne which is not what i wanted. The concept is great but come on Wunderbrow and give us another, better colour for blondes, please.

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