Last night was a struggle. Harry was waking up every hour or even every half an hour from 2am till 5am. After 5am he woke up again and was struggling to get back to sleep for more than an hour. I felt he was a little hot, but didn’t check the temperature. After nearly 1.5 hours I somehow finally managed to put him back to sleep, and after shushing the dog, who was desperate to go upstairs (she is not allowed) and putting Daniella’s duvet cover on for about 5 times (she keeps on kicking it off and then calls for me, as she is cold) I could finally go back to sleep myself. Children only allowed me to do so until 8am. I am knackered.

This morning our little Harry woke up with a temperature of 38 and poor thing looked as he was in pain. Harry was not crying, but was making sounds like a sad little puppy and kept on biting his top lip. No doubt it’s teething again.

6 months old baby boy teething

Harry’s first two, bottom teeth, came out on a Boxing day. The time, when our whole family, had a horrible virus – high temperatures and painful coughs. Harry was also suffering with the same virus and on the top of that, he was clearly teething. To sooth the pain then, we bought Nelsons Teetha Granules and it made a huge difference. It helped our little Harry feel much better.

After about two days suffering with his first part of teething, Harry’s white little pearls have finally made their appearance, one after another. Our baby was happy little boy again. Until today.

6 months old baby boy teething

Poor monkey is struggling again. Temperature, fingers in his mouth, biting his top lip ( with his first tooth coming out, he was biting his bottom lip)! These are no doubt symptoms of teething again…

Same Nelsons Teetha Granules are helping us to survive throughout the day, it really does the job- Harry is so much more like his old self after taking this medicine. But I still feel so sorry for my little baby –  I just want to hold and cuddle him, it breaks my heart to see him suffering. 🙁

Big sister Daniella is also feeling Harry’s pain. She is extremely soft and caring with Harry today. My toddler girl plays quietly around her baby brother. But comes to check on him every few minutes. Then strokes his head, kisses on his forehead and asks if he feels any better now. Harry obviously cannot answer yet, but Daniella assumes, that he replied to her and then she cheerfully adds, how happy she is, that baby is feeling better now. 🙂 It’s so lovely to see her like this. Daniella seems to care for Harry a lot. It looks to me, that these two are gonna have a strong connection later on.

6 months old baby boy teething

Let’s just hope this teething struggle will go away soon and that we can happily celebrate Harry’s second pair of teeth in no time. 🙂onlinelogomaker-082415-2046

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