Harry’s 7 Months Old Update

Our little munchkin is 7 months old!

This month we started using ‘big boy’s’ (sitting) part for the pram! Harry looks so comfy there – he loves sitting up and looking around. It was really about time. We now only use a carry cot for the car seat (it’s Jane Matrix carrycot, that you can convert to a car seat), but it will soon be too small, it’s nearly time to upgrade!

Harry's 7 Months Old Update

Eating solids is going well. Actually better than I ever thought it would. I sometimes feed Harry purees, but other times we use baby led weaning method (when baby feeds himself and he can pretty much eat whatever we eat, just without salt or sugar(no need mashing)). Both methods really work! Harry is not a fussy eater so far – he accepts everything, that is given to him and I am often even worried, that he eats too much for his age! Chubby little monkey.

Harry's 7 Months Old Update

Sleeping has also got much better! Our baby still sleeps 3 times during the day – morning, afternoon and evening. Then I put him to bed for the night at around 9pm and he normally then sleeps all the way until 6am. Once he wakes up at 6am for nursing, I take him in to my bed and we both fall asleep while Harry eats. Our little one is then ready for a new day at 7.30-8am. Cannot complain, really! 🙂

At 7 months old Harry has now mastered rolling over from his back to tummy and vice-versa. He loves being on the floor with Daniella playing around. However I never find him where he was left no more. Harry turns, twists, rolls while trying te reach for toys that are further away and doing this. He desperately wants to move!

Harry's 7 Months Old Update

Harry’s clothes sizes are mostly 6-9 months and he wears size 4 Pampers diapers.

I say that in pretty much every update, but our 7 months old baby loves interacting! It’s so easy to make him laugh. 🙂 Daniella often involves Harry in her games and he is full of excitement, whenever she does it. Daniella and Harry seem to enjoy each others company a lot (see my video above)! She always looks forward to Harry wake up from his nap, she loves him being around. And Harry’s face lit’s up as soon as Daniella approaches.

Harry's 7 Months Old Update

Harry now can wave ‘bye bye’!!! We are so excited about it, that we keep on asking him to do it over and over again! But it is so so sooooo cute! He just opens-closes his palm instead of shaking the whole hand. Love this handsome little man to bits!

Harry’s bottom teeth are now both properly out. And this morning I could already feel a corner of his one of the top tooth! I had a feeling it was gonna come today, as Harry was not himself yesterday in the evening and he was struggling at night. And here we go!

Harry's 7 Months Old Update

Harry can sit independently pretty well, but not good enough to be left alone without any support. He simply forgets he needs to keep a balance and slowly leans onto one side or another. Oh well, he is 7 months old (only). 😉

And last but not least – our baby boy has now very clear preferences to people. He is very happy to play with Edward, when in the mood, but wants mummy to hold him, when upset. He is a bit wary with people, that he doesn’t often see, but soon he starts smiling to everyone. 🙂

Harry's 7 Months Old Update

So this is it for Harry’s 7 months old update. Time doesn’t hold back- babies are growing too fast, don’t you think so? 🙂onlinelogomaker-082415-2046

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