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Looking for a nursery in London and looking for a nursery in Stoke-on-Trent have left us with completely different experiences! Some of you may remember us, back in London, searching for a nursery for Daniella, she was about 2.5 years old. We didn’t have the smallest idea back then, that we will be leaving London soon, therefore we wanted to put our little girl in a nursery for 15 (free) hours per week after she turns 3.

Looking for a NurseryI remember, back then (in London), we visited many local nurseries and they all had waiting lists and no spaces left. We put ourselves on the list at the few of them, but were never sure if we were going to get a place.

Today, Edward took a day off work, and we went for nurseries hunting number 2. This time in Stoke-on-Trent! we had a list of places, that we wanted to visit and were really hoping to find a space available in at least one of them.

Looking for a NurseryWe firstly visited the nursery, that I thought it would suit us best, without even seeing it!Β  It is the closest one to our home (still about 20 minutes walk). I have heard many good reviews about this nursery from mums in our local area, and it has got outstanding Ofsted report. Therefore I was really hoping to get there (but after experience in London, I didn’t believe we would).

Guess who was the most excited to go? Of course Daniella! She packed some toys in her back pack and was convinced she was going to SCHOOL, don’t even bother telling her otherwise haha! πŸ˜€

Looking for a NurseryI liked this nursery immediately! It felt very tidy and presentable from outside and definitely no disappointment once we got indoors! Staff was very welcoming and pleasant. And… we were told, that they had a place available for our little Daniella!!! I couldn’t believe it was so easy (it was the last place left though)! We were shown aroundΒ  and my positive feeling towards this place grew even stronger. Tidy, well-organized, friendly. I felt I could leave my little princess for the day here without worrying.

We didn’t see the reason to look for anything else. Sorted all paperwork required and registered for the induction tomorrow! Daniella was so upset to leave the nursery, she wanted to stay already! πŸ˜€ I can wait to see how she settles there later on. She will only be doing full day on Tuesday and 1pm-6pm on Friday. It will be so strange not to have her at home! πŸ™

Looking for a NurseryBecause looking for a nursery went so nice and smooth, we made this as an excuse to go and celebrate a little on this occasion. We have decided to all have early lunch at Bon Pan Asian restaurant (just poor Luka was at school). Nothing special, just buffet lunch, but it was really lovely and the mood was too! Cannot wait for our induction at the nursery tomorrow. Looking for a nursery can be fun! πŸ™‚

Looking for a NurseryLooking for a Nursery







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