Planning Valentine’s Day with Kids

Maybe I shouldn’t say ‘planning Valentine’s day’, as this year we don’t really plan. Not Valentine’s day at least. Don’t worry, I didn’t give up on my relationship with Edward, no no no, not at all, but I just came to realize, that Valentine’s Day is so over materialized. There is not much romance left in it no more. Everything you do on Valentine’s Day is so overpriced.  You overpay and you hardly get any quality, comfort, not even a romantic atmosphere for it.Planning Valentine's Day with Kids

Last year’s Valentine’s day is a good example. I was pregnant with Harry. We bought cinema tickets for 50 Shades of Gray movie and booked our local Italian restaurant for romantic dinner after. The restaurant seemed to have lovely Valentine’s Day menu, I already knew what I was gonna get – scallops for the starter, seafood pasta for main. I wasn’t that fussed about the desert. It was scallops that made my mind up to go to exactly that restaurant. It was proper craving for seafood time!

The movie was ok, considering, that it was a while, since we last been to the cinema. Therefore, we quite enjoyed it. However, booking the restaurant was a mistake. It was crowded, more tables set up than usual to obviously make more business on such a busy day. I remember, we had to wait for about 40 minutes for someone to take our order. And to my huge disappointment, they had run out of the scallops!

I don’t even remember what I had for the starter instead, I just remember the chaos and noise at the restaurant – was difficult to have a conversation, we couldn’t hear each other. Not a romantic dinner, that you would expect. Not even anywhere near.

This year planning Valentine’s day = not planning Valentine’s day. We will just go with the flow. Firstly, we have no one to look after kids, but secondly, we don’t even want to leave them with anyone. If Valentine’s day is to do with love, then kids should surely be part of celebrations. This year Valentine’s Day falls on the weekend. Edward will be at home, so we will try and  make it feel special for the whole family. We may possibly take children to bowling during the day or simply to the soft play. In the evening, I assume, we will simply make some nice, maybe a bit celebrational dinner at home. No big plans here. I just came to understand, that the best way of celebrating love is with your loved ones, where you can actually enjoy it. What are your plans for Valentine’s day this year? 🙂


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  1. I totally agree, we have had for many years the habit to celebrate Valentine’s at home. We cook together, and children who are actually teens now, prepare and celebrate with us. All four of us have fun together and the shopping for great food and cooking is maybe even more fun than the dinner itself. That the best Valentine’s day my husband and I can think of, and it’s been like that for almost ten years

    • Thank you for your comment, Gaelle. I couldn’t agree more! We really had a fab Valentine’s day with family. Really no need overdoing, was defenitely much better than any of my previous Valentine’s days! x

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