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Bargain HuntersI can’t help but smile remembering myself and Edward few years ago and seeing us now. We were not interested in saving money whatsoever, used to spend a lot on clothes and other (mostly unnecessary) things, used to live from salary to salary and didn’t want to see it any other way!

After we done some shopping on the weekend for our children, I now can clearly see how much we changed! Going through the items that we bought and checking their price tags, I realised, that nearly all our weekend purchases were bought in sales. Coincidence? I don’t think so. We are just turning in to – so-called – bargain hunters!

See it yourself.

For Luka (12 years old) our aim was to get some summer clothes, as she (lucky for some) will be going to Tenerife with her dad (my ex-husband) soon for some holiday and to the wedding.

We bought her 2 vest tops – white and green, from Peacocks shop – £3 each. They also had pink in colour, but Luka had chosen those two.

Bargain Hunters

Bargain Hunters

One more t-shirt for Luka, also from Peacocks store was £5. It has a slightly longer back, looks pretty nice when on.

Bargain Hunters Girls t shirts Peacock

From TK Maxx we got Luka a lovely hoody for £9.99 (not on sale, but still a good price) and pink Legging Shorts, that were discounted from £7.99 to £4.00. What a bargain. 🙂

Bargain Hunters TK Maxx Hoody

Bargain Hunters TK Maxx Legging Shorts

While shopping for our daughter Daniella (3 years old) I definitely feel like we did a good job! At Marks & Spencer, we got her set of 3 lovely long sleeve tops. From £12 discounted to £8 and set of 3 leggings, that had a price of £7 reduced from £11! Told you, we are nearly professional bargain hunters!

Bargain Hunters Marks and Spencer Girls tops

Bargain Hunters Marks and Spencer Girls Leggings

For our poor little Harry (8 months old) we only bought some bodysuits, that were not actually discounted. However, I love those bodysuits so much, that I always buy them same ones once he grows out! 🙂 They are not very pricey either – £11 for 7 bodysuits. And the quality is really worth every penny of it!

Bargain Hunters Marks and Spencer Bodusuits

Our intentions were to buy some tracksuit bottoms for Harry and some shoes. He needs it desperately. But I couldn’t find anything that I would really love. I might just look for it online.

Told you, with the age, we are turning into bargain hunters. What’s next – looking for coins on the beach? 😀

Do you normally look for bargains or do you never check the price tag? Let me know in the comments below! 🙂my life, my passion

2 Replies to “Bargain Hunters- Casual Wear”

  1. I used to buy lots for my son in Peacocks when he was younger. I still like the Peacocks jeans, I bought some recently and they were excellent value. I also love M and S and buy all my sports gear there as well as coats and boots. Both shops have some great value items.

  2. I think I am a bargain hunter by nature, I stretch my money to the furthest possible extent lol and I am always bargain hunting unless its something that i can really afford to pay a bit more than the usual

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