Harry’s 8 Months Old Update

Our now 8 months old son Harry had grown another mile during past month. We are now saying goodbye to Harry’s Fisher Price Sit-Me-Up seat, that was so useful, as Harry can now confidently sit on his own – I was so looking forward to this! Our baby loves sitting on the floor surrounded by toys! He is reaching for the toys that are further away, can lean on to one side or another without falling or gets himself onto his tummy when had enough of sitting. How exciting is that?! 😀

Harry's 8 Months Old UpdateAlthough Harry can sit confidently on his own, he is not yet able to sit up by himself from lying position. Unless I hold his legs. But I am sure he will learn it soon. I am not rushing at all, everything is happening too fast for my liking anyway, I will miss our boy being a baby… 🙂

Harry still loves his tummy time and he now started pulling his legs under his tummy, trying to pick himself up. And when he manages, he then rocks forwards and backwards – I remember that move with Daniella, soon after learning this, she started crawling.

Harry's 8 Months Old Update

Harry’s sleep last month was definitely with ups and downs. He had the small flu. Runny/ blocked nose was the worst part of it! Harry hates anyone touching his nose even without flu, so he was really struggling to cope with his cold. Therefore, it had affected my nights a lot. It seems all is getting better now, thank God. 🙂

Harry's 8 Months Old Update

Our 8 months old baby boy sleeps 2-3 times during the day (I actually prefer 2, because he settles for his night time sleep 1 hour earlier then). Harry’s first daytime nap is at 10.30am to 12am and the second one is at 2pm to 4.30pm. After that he easily sets to sleep for the night at/before 8pm.

At night Harry sleeps 8pm to 6am, then has his milk (I am still nursing) and falls back to sleep until about 8am.

Harry's 8 Months Old UpdateAt 8 months old our boy has got 4 teeth – 2 at the bottom and 2 at the top. I think another 2 are also about to make their appearance. Teething for Harry is unpleasant, but not too complicated. I don’t even use medicines no more. He seems to cope pretty well- like a proper man haha.

To our surprise, some of Harry’s 6-9 months old clothes are getting too small (this baby has got a big appetite!). His nappies are size 4 – Pampers.

Harry's 8 Months Old Update

Eating is going really well! There is no a thing Harry wouldn’t love to eat! Sometimes I feed him purees, but most of the time I let him feed himself as per Baby Led Weaning method and I give him pretty much whatever we eat (without salt or sugar). Harry has proper mastered feeding himself with his hands and I really enjoy watching him doing that (even though it is so messy)!

Harry's 8 Months Old Update

At 8 months old our cheeky monkey can wave goodbye, knows how to give a kissy, loves making noise by banging toys one into another. Harry is having his 1st passport done, as we will be flying to Lithuania for the mini holiday and for my grandma’s birthday in April! I really cannot wait!

Harry's 8 Months Old Updateonlinelogomaker-082415-2046

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  1. Oh my Harry is such a cutie!! Yay for him sitting up and I bet his passport photo is the cutest ever! Have a lovely holiday when you go!

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