Mother’s Day, Flu and Undelivered Flowers

Happy Mother’s Day to all wonderful mummies! I hope you got all spoiled! 🙂

Mother’s Day, Flu and Undelivered FlowersDespite me having some unpleasant flu since Friday and completely losing my voice on Saturday, our Sunday was lovely. The weather was pretty good, so we met some friends and my cousin and all went out to Trentham Gardens for a nice walk- entrance was free for all mummies on Mother’s Day!Mother’s Day, Flu and Undelivered FlowersTrentham Gardens left us with positive vibes. Lake, gorgeous grounds, play area for little ones. Loads to see, I can imagine how breathtaking will be there in summer!!! We had a nice walk around the lake and then went to the cafe for some tea and to warm up our feet.Mother's Day, Flu and Undelivered Flowers

After few hours at Trentham gardens we then all got to my cousins house for tasty snacks and some catching up. We stayed there until about 9pm and went back home.

Mother’s Day, Flu and Undelivered FlowersAt night, I woke up with unbearable pain in my ear. It really was bad. Had to go downstairs and get some pain killers. It took more than an hour for me to go back to sleep.

I am feeling much better today, but poor Daniella woke up with the temperature of 39…

Mother’s Day, Flu and Undelivered Flowers

The whole Mother’s day would have been really lovely if not one unpleasant incident, that left us very bitter at the end of the day…

We ordered flowers delivery for Edwards Mum from eFlorist online a day before. It was promising delivery on Sunday and even though we had to pay £10 for the service (on the top of what we paid for flowers), we didn’t mind at all –  we knew this surprise will put a smile on Edward Mum’s face and it was all that mattered.

On Sunday we kept on checking with Edward’s brother if Mother’s Day flowers got delivered to Mum and to our huge disappointment they weren’t! At 8pm I had received a silly email from the company, that they couldn’t manage, since they were busy and ‘as an apology to those Mums whose flowers have yet to arrive we are donating £5000 to the NSPCC’. Really?! How does that make us or especially Edward’s mum feel better?! Flowers didn’t get delivered on Monday also… 🙁 I will never ever order with this company again and I don’t advise you to. I feel embarrassed, disappointed and really really sad.

Mother's Day, Flu and Undelivered Flowers

I am really hoping, that you didn’t have to experience anything like this on your Mother’s Day. Let me know what did you do in the comments below! 🙂

Mother’s Day, Flu and Undelivered Flowers

Mother’s Day, Flu and Undelivered Flowers


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