Harry’s 9 Months Old Update

Here I am, finally writing Harry’s 9 months old update! Another month, another update – time really doesn’t wait.9 months old baby boy development update

I was so sure Harry will be properly crawling by the age of 9 months old. But no. He does move around a lot – backwards, forwards, like a caterpillar, but doesn’t yet crawl. Daniella was a confident crawler at this age. Harry seems to be a little lazy (got it from his daddy I think). 🙂 Anyway, I know, that some babies don’t even crawl at all, so who knows, maybe our Harry is one of them. 🙂

9 months old baby boy development update

Besides the fact , that Harry doesn’t yet crawl, that doesn’t mean, that he sits in one place. NO-NO-NO. I can never find him where I left him! He loves navigating backwards, not seeing where he is about to go, therefore, I often find my cheeky boy under the coffee table or under the laundry rack. I can’t stop giggling while writing this, you should see his funny face when he struggles to get out. 😀9 months old baby boy development updateHary’s favourite occupation at the moment is to get himself to that same coffee table and to clear it’s bottom shelve completely- Daniella’s magazines, pencils, everything what’s there – all must go to the floor – as per our new housekeeper Harry! Only ‘few’ extra things for mummy to tidy up. 🙂

9 months old baby boy development update

This month Harry’s night sleep was definitely all over the place. I had not one and not two sleepless nights. At some point I was feeling so knackered, I thought I was reaching my limits. It was probably to do with the fever , that we all had before Easter. But thank God fever is gone, Harry sleeps much better and mummy has her energy back (the question is – for how long?). 🙂

9 months old baby boy development update

Harry is normally off to bed for his night sleep at 7.30pm, then wakes up for nursing at 5.30am and back to sleep again up until about 8am.

At 9 months old our baby boy sleeps 2 times during the day – at 10.30am for about an hour and at 1.30pm for approximately 3 hours.


Eating is going really well. Harry in not a fussy eater, he loves his food. Our boy normally eats whatever we eat, unless it’s something very unhealthy. After reading many good things about Himalayan salt, I replaced my normal salt to this one- apparently it is million times better and healthier than the normal salt and you can even put it into baby’s food. A little more expensive, but if it is so beneficial, it’s definitely worth the price!


Still same 4 teeth in Harry’s mouth. We are now waiting for more, but he seems not to be bothered by this at all. 🙂

We had a health visitor last week and we were told to brush baby’s teeth with a tiny amount of adult’s toothpaste! Did you know that? As the water in here does not contain fluoride, so he can get it from adults toothpaste apparently. That was new to me.

Harry wears size 4 Pull Up pampers nappies. Since he is so active, it has become a nightmare to get his normal nappy on! At 9 months old most of Harry’s clothes are size 9-12.


Our boy is becoming so cheeky! He doesn’t of course always want sit on the floor and play – he prefers mummy or daddy holding him. So often, when we try to sit Harry down on the floor, he pulls his legs backwards, stretches his whole body refusing to be seated and there is no chance to get him sit! We then have no choice, but give up and take him with us! Goodness me, it’s not even a year since this cheeky monkey was born and he is already bossing us around! I am frightened to think of how our ‘cutie’ will be treating us in the next couple of years haha. 😀

9 months old baby boy development update

Harry loves Simple Songs tunes from Youtube! His favourite one is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – he recognises it from the very first tunes! He feels a similar way about some cartoons- Iggle Piggle and Waybuloos are his top ones!

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  1. Waybuloo was a keen favourite of my daughters at that age and night garden, the colours and sounds fascinate them! Harry is the cutest ever by the way but I’m sure you already know that! Haha! I always found it so funny that even if babies aren’t crawling yet they still manage to get everywhere, my daughter was a late crawler and she used to do the caterpillar move as well!

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