London VS Countryside

Six months on since we reallocated from London to Stoke-on-Trent. What a big decision it was. No one can argue- living outside London is totally different. But you know what, there is not yet a day I would regret this change. What is it in London (or any other big city), that you wouldn’t be able to get here?London VS Countryside Trentham gardening centre

London vs Countryside

London is famous for itsLondon VS Countryside trendy places, it definitely is! I used to love going out! Posh and unusual places such like Sketch or simple but so heartwarming like Brazilian place Guanabara (along with countless Caipirinha cocktails) back in London!

I would probably miss it if I was still single. Or at least if I didn’t have my 3 little monsters, that keep me busy 7 days a week. But for now, it doesn’t matter if I am in a fancy city or in a quiet countryside – not much chance for me to go out anyway, ha ha. And hey, London is not a thousand miles away. We will certainly visit those special places time to time.

Talking about restaurants, we had already found our few new local favourites! If you know us well, you must have noticed, that Edward and I are fans of a good Chinese buffet. Back in London, we used to love Cosmo, Global or Izumi (Brentwood) buffets. But in Stoke-on-Trent there is now a good buffet too – it’s Bon Pan Asian in Hanley. They do Chinese, Thai, Indian, English food as well as Sushi! Goodness me, I am getting hungry now!

London VS Countryside Bon Pan Asian Buffet

We know one nice Italian place to eat in Stoke (I can’t recall its name, sorry). We went there for my cousin’s birthday and we weren’t disappointed! I had a seafood pizza, ahhh, it was yummy!!!

London is a wonderful city and it will always take a special place in my heart. But to be honest, it’s not where I want to raise my kids. As much as I adore London, since I moved out, I fell in love with my current surroundings – we have lovely Buxton near by, Wales, that we are planning to explore in summer. I love, that there is so much greenness around and that it feels safe.

I enjoy getting fresh meat from the farm, about 15 minutes drive away. I like going shopping and not having to wait in a half hour queue. I love the fact, that the shops are not as busy in here – all is much tidier and much better organized.

I am also chuffed, that Edward can come back for lunch from work – it’s only 15 minutes drive for him and that after he finishes work in the evening, it does not take 1.5 hours travelling to get home, as it used to take in London. Evenings have become much longer, it feels, that life had slow down and that we get more time to enjoy as a family.

London VS Countryside playgroundAnd… I am so happy not to travel by overcrowded tube and not to experience Tube strikes no more!

And of course for the money. Rent, bills, car insurance… London have become extremely overpriced recently. It’s almost impossible to survive there with family, especially if you are renting. I have compared some prices from when we lived back in London (6 months ago) and today- in Staffordshire, 150 miles away. I was trying hard to think of something, that would be more expensive in here, than in London and I really couldn’t. These are only main few things. See it yourselves:



Property rent per month

2 bedroom flat with

small balcony.


3 Bedroom house with

garden and garage.


Council tax



Parking per month



Car insurance per month



Travelling per month

Monthly travel card

zones 1-6 for 1 person


Car petrol 

(takes about 15 minutes

to get to work)


Total per month





 So London vs Countryside… Countryside definitely is a winner to us. Let me know what are your thoughts on this or if you think otherwise!

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12 Replies to “London VS Countryside”

  1. I don’t love far from you but sadly the village I am from is also overpriced. That said, just from moving from our previous town (part of the golden triangle) to a village ten minutes away saw us get an extra 1000sq ft for our money! I love the quietness and prettiness and wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Stoke is great- although granted the main place we visit is Hanley water world lol

    • Ah, I know what you mean! I love countryside too. Stoke is not really a village, but there are great places to visit near by. We haven’t been to water world yet, but will be visiting very soon! x

  2. I am from Staffordshire too, and although the housing prices are a bit more in Stafford I love it. I would love to live in London at one point in my life but like you pointed it out everything is SO much more expensive! xx

  3. I’ve lived in both the city and the countryside and love the perks of both, as a northerner I’m biased about the north and couldn’t live in London myself though. Great post!

  4. I know what you say when you feel London is better for you if you are single, I used to live in London but after I met my boyfriend I moved away to the countryside. I used to love being a city girl but now that I have moved away, I feel I don’t want to move back to the city. Sounds like you have found the perfect place x

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