My Makeover & Harry’s First Haircut

Before I share our holiday in Lithuania experience, I thought mine and Harry’s haircuts deserve a special attention and the whole separate post. I really want to share this with you!

My Makeover & Harry's First Haircut

I had my haircut and colour done last week, on Saturday. I needed it badly, as I couldn’t control my hair no more and hated the way it looked.  I also wanted to look pretty before our holiday in Lithuania, of course. 🙂

This time I opted for a tiny change. My plan was to get my fringe back. I really missed it and (being completely honest) I love how it helps me to cover those fast appearing wrinkles on my forehead (I hate them so much!). In terms of colour, I wanted to add some darker highlights into my forever blond hair colour. I would have loved to dye it dark or chocolate brown completely, but darker shades simply doesn’t suit me at all! 🙁

I handed myself into Laura’s from Socio Hairdressing arms and was kind of hoping for the miracle!

I had highlights done- some blond and some very dark brown. We left more blond hair at the front, near my face and added many dark highlights at the back. After the colour was done, Laura from Socio Hairdressing cut my fringe and trimmed the ends. I was very happy with the final result! What do you think? (Sorry about my silly selfies, it wasn’t meant to go on the blog)

My Makeover & Harry's First Haircut

Harry’s first haircut ever was done in Lithuania. Our boy is not even 10 months old yet, but he was desperate for a haircut already! I booked the appointment for him at the place, that specialises in cutting children’s hair – have all the equipment required to keep little ones nice and calm- toys, cartoons, books… Harry was given an Ipad playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (his hit number 1). He was so interested in the song, that the hairdresser could cut his hair without stressing at all.

My Makeover & Harry's First Haircut

After Harry’s first haircut was finished, we could not take our eyes off him for at least several hours. Edward and I took countless amounts of photos with Harry and his new hairstyle on our phones! We definitely looked like two proper weirdos ha ha. But our boy looked so new, so different, and cuter than ever! The hairdresser even put some hair gel on, therefore Harry smelled so boysh!!! His silly mama feels excited until this day. 😀

My Makeover & Harry's First Haircut

My Makeover & Harry's First Haircut

So overall Harry and I had very positive hairdressing experiences. Let me know what your thoughts are or if you had a similar story recently. Thank you for reading. xmy life, my passion

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