Harry’s 10 Months Old Development Update

This month went even faster than any other month did!  Harry has turned 10 months old on 30th April, but even a while after the date I found myself telling to people, that our baby is still 9.5 months old and Edward was telling, that he is 9 months old! Wonderful parents we are, aren’t we? 😀

Harry's 10 Months Old Development UpdateHarry is such a big boy now! He can crawl so fast, that I have to run (not walk anymore) after him, to stop him from going to the bathroom or tasting dog’s food. Our 10 months old baby can now stand up holding on the furniture. If he sees anything on the table that he is able to reach, he will happily throw all to the floor!

Harry's 10 Months Old Development UpdateHarry’s personality is really shining through now! If Daniella has a toy, that he would like to play with, our cheeky boy starts demanding for that toy by making sounds, that really gives impression of a very strict tone of voice and he also has that serious face, to show he is not joking! 😀 You can easily guess by Harry’s body language, that he is telling Daniella off for not giving him a toy! It’s so funny to watch, trying to boss everyone around at 10 months old already, ha ha. So what is going to happen later???

Harry's 10 Months Old Development UpdateHarry’s eating is still going great. Harry likes pretty much everything, whatever is given to him. Our boy has a good appetite. I am combining Baby Led Weaning method and purees – it seems to work very well for us.

Harry's 10 Months Old Development UpdateHowever, he is not so naive no more, not very easy to trick him. For example, once I bring Harry some food, he doesn’t start eating straight away. He firstly takes his tongue out and carefully licks it. If he likes the taste, then he goes for it, if he doesn’t, there is no way to get it in his mouth. This always makes me giggle. Kids these days… 🙂

Harry's 10 Months Old Development UpdateHarry’s sleep is a bit of a painful topic for me at the moment. Sometimes it gets better but then gets worse again. Our 10 months old started waking up twice a night again – at 1am and 5am. His night nursings didn’t bother me that much before, but I feel pretty tired recently. I presume it’s because I didn’t have a full nights sleep since Harry was born- for almost a year! I think it’s getting to me now. I am still nursing Harry, but thinking if it is about time to end it.

Harry's 10 Months Old Development UpdateOur 10 months old baby boy still has same 4 teeth in his pretty mouth. Looks like the other teeth are not in a rush. But we are not too bothered by that, Harry seems to be perfectly happy with his 4 little teeth. He can handle his food very well, no matter what he eats – a puree or a biscuit. So we are simply happy to go with the flow here.

Harry's 10 Months Old Development UpdateHarry wears clothes, that are labeled for 9-12 months old babies and size 4 Pampers Pull Up nappies.

Harry’s favourite activities are putting the toys in various holes, spinning the wheels – on toys, Daniella’s doll’s pram, everywhere he finds, chasing the balloon or the ball, following his mummy everywhere, playing with his sister.

Harry's 10 Months Old Development UpdateHe LOVES  having a bath but doesn’t like changing nappies. He can be so cute- when I carry him at the shop, he doesn’t want me to look around- as soon as I take my eyes off him and start looking elswhere, Harry softly turns my head to face him with his chubby little hand. Love him to bits!!!my life, my passion

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