Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

‘Lithuanian Break’ story will be posted in 2 separate posts, as there is so much to share about. Welcome to the part 1 – Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel in Kaunas. There will be a video added at part 2, so stay tuned! 🙂

Our mini Lithuanian break was lovely, just as we hoped! It went so fast, though, that it feels like it was never here. Oh well, 4 days only, we knew that was gonna go as a blink of an eye.

Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

Packing was the most unpleasant part of it.  It took me nearly the whole day to pack mine, Harry’s and Daniella’s stuff! I was so happy when it was finally over!

So at 3.30am on Wednesday, Edward, Harry, Daniella, I + my cousin with his family were all off to  Liverpool airport to catch our 7am flight to Vilnius. Luka, unfortunately, couldn’t go, as she had school to go to. But she actually wasn’t too sad, she had already been to Lithuania and also Tenerife this year, so this girl is travelling more often than all of us do!

Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

There is one thing you probably didn’t know about me- I have a pretty big fear of flying. I am normally shaking with the smallest of turbulence. Even the thought of it makes me nervous! But this time, I took some calming drops with me, that Edward used to get his emotions in place before his driving exam, more than a year ago. I took a few drops more than they advise on the bottle and it really did help!

Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

The whole journey went really well. Harry slept for almost half of the flight (it takes 2.5 hours to get to Lithuania) and Daniella was playing with her paper dollies- dressing them in their sticker dresses or getting crazy (and making a lot of noise on the airplane) with her daddy.

Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

We landed in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius at around 11am (2 hours’ time difference) and then took a huge 2 deck train to Kaunas, second biggest city in Lithuania (which is actually not at all big), where we had Magnus hotel booked for our stay.

Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

We could have stayed in my grandma’s house back home or with my friends, who were really insisting us to do so. But Edward and I had decided to book a hotel this time, as we were going for my grandma’s birthday, so there was gonna be a full house anyway. We also didn’t really want to make our friend’s life difficult, so we thought, this time it’s best if we stay at the hotel.

We have chosen Magnus Hotel in Kaunas (3 stars) for several reasons – 1. We wanted to stay in Kaunas city (my family lives 20 kilometres outside the town) 2. We wanted to stay close to my cousin- this hotel was literally next door. 3. We didn’t want to pay much and Magnus Hotel was well within our budget – £120 for 4 nights WITH breakfast inclusive!

I think I’ve never stayed in 3-star hotel before, therefore, didn’t know what to expect. And it actually wasn’t bad at all.

Staff at the reception were very pleasant and helpful. They checked us in before check in time. We got a room on the 8th floor with a pretty nice city view. Our room was definitely big enough. But I’ve heard, that other rooms at Magnus Hotel are often much smaller. I think we were quite lucky with this one.

Our bed was huge and really comfy. Duvet clean and very pleasant, all you need for a good nights sleep.

Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

Wifi at the hotel is free and extra fast! I stayed in 4-5 stars hotels before and have never seen such fast broadband for the guest. Very convenient!

On the minus side, our room at Magnus Hotel had a very unpleasant smell of damp coming from our bathroom. I should have told reception, but we were so busy, that I never found time to do this. We just kept our bathroom door closed and it seemed to resolve it.

Cleanness of the room, I would say – 7 out of 10. Not so good. There were several areas in the room, that clearly hadn’t been wiped for a while. Bathroom also needed a little bit more care.

Another housekeeping fail- our room was not cleaned for 2 days. Again, I didn’t report it, as we were always coming back so late, that would not have made a difference at that time.

Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

Breakfast, of course, was not same, as breakfast in 4-5 stars hotels, but there was plenty of choice, so no one ever would leave hungry. They had fried eggs, sausages, cheese, pastries and more. Tea, coffee, juice – all you could expect for breakfast.

Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

Mini Lithuanian Break: Arriving & Magnus Hotel, Kaunas

Magnus Hotel has a very nice bar on the 9th floor with a beautiful view, that is certainly worth a visit.

Overall we were satisfied with our stay at Magnus Hotel in Kaunas. It’s a lovely 3-star hotel, that can be surely proud of their friendly and professional staff, convenient location and fast wifi. Shame housekeeping was a bit of a let down this time.

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for even more Lithuanian Break pictures and a video in my next post very soon!my life, my passion

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  1. Shame about the housekeeping but nice to be able to stay together as a family in a hotel. It must be very exciting showing your children their heritage.

  2. Holidays never last long enough, but sounds like you had a great time. We have been to Teneriffe, its so beautiful there, looking forward to hearing more about Lithuania 🙂

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