Harry’s 11 Months Old Development Update

I wanna cry! Harry is now 11 months old, next update will be closing the very first year of our fast growing baby boy. 🙁 Where did the time go??? I still remember like it was yesterday – me and my huge bump trying to survive June’s heat last year! It then felt, that my pregnancy is gonna last forever, but look at us now! 11 months old… I really really wanna cry… 🙁Harry's 11 Months Old Development Update

OK, I am gonna try to compose myself, as I need to get on with Harry’s 11 months old development update – I am already late – apologies for that. Where do I start.

Personality wise Harry is changing by the day! Most of the time he is cheerful and very smiley, he hardly ever cries. He knows how to fight for his toys though and wouldn’t give up easily. Will be screaming (not crying) till he gets it back (just like daddy ha ha). 😀Harry's 11 Months Old Development UpdateHarry is becoming so boyish. I can already see his preferences for cars over dolls. And I am so happy about it, as I was not sure of how Harry will be dealing with this. Our house is full of barbies, princesses, doll’s prams, baby dolls and other girly stuff- since the majority we are women in here. It is lovely to watch how our boy naturally chooses to play with his boyish stuff rather than girlish (even though I do find him sometimes biting Barbie’s hand or leg or trying to rip My Little Pony’s tail off). When we go for a walk he pays a lot of attention to passing cars- I have never noticed this when my girls were growing up.

Harry's 11 Months Old Development Update

Harry enjoys playing with Daniella. He definitely sees her as a play mate. As soon as Daniella enters the room, Harry’s face always lights up. I am very happy to see them enjoying each others company, I hope this will never change.

Harry is now PRO at crawling. But most of all he loves standing while holding on the furniture. He easily stands up by himself holding onto the coffee table or any other furniture and then walks around trying to reach whatever he is not supposed to reach. 🙂 Or sometimes he stands up next to the toys box and throws toys one by one onto the floor. Keeping mummy busy, as always. 😀 While standing, Harry sometimes lets his hands go and then holds the balance for the few seconds. Then grabs on the furniture again. 11 months old, hey, in no time this boy will be walking. But you know what, I am not even looking forward to it that much. He is growing far too fast already. 🙁

Harry's 11 Months Old Development Update

At 11 months old, Harry is still not very great with his sleep at night. I mean, better than he was, but there is still loads of room to improve. Our little boy sleeps twice during the day – at around 10 am for one hour or so and at around 1.30 for about 3-4 hours. He settles for the night at 8-9 pm, but wakes up for nursing at 5am. Thank God, he falls back asleep while nursing with no problems up until about 7-8am. I only nurse Harry before his night sleep, at night and in the morning. I give him formula during the day and by his 1st birthday I am planning to end nursing completely (bye bye boobies 🙁 ).

Harry's 11 Months Old Development Update

Still no complaints about Harry’s eating. He eats whatever is given to him with no fussiness whatsoever. My little boy has now got 6 teeth – 4 at the top and 2 at the bottom, but I am certain, another 2 are about to show up!

Harry’s Pampers Baby-Dry Pants nappy size is still 4 and his clothes are mostly 9-12 months old.

Harry's 11 Months Old Development Update

Harry knows how to wave good bye, gives high-five, closes and opens his little hand, when we say ‘close-open’, crawls to us when we call him, loves rolling a ball on the floor with his sisters. He comes to me when I am sitting on the sofa and tries hard to climb up to sit down with me. Unsuccessfully yet, but he will learn it soon.

Harry's 11 Months Old Development Update

That is pretty much it for Harry’s 11 moths old development update. Until the next, 1-year-old update, ahhhh…..my life, my passion

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