My Birthday

As much as it hurt’s, it was my birthday on Monday – I am now 34 years old *sob*.

Initially, we didn’t have any plans to celebrate. I am not a massive fan of my birthdays anyway. I don’t like getting old. But because the weather forecast was promising a good weather (which is the reason to celebrate itself), we have decided to have a relaxing day in the garden with some bbq, a glass of wine – lazy and stress-free.

In the morning, however, we made a ‘tiny’ amended our plans. After I was greeted with a glass of bubbly (for breakfast!) and some cute birthday cake and when family sang me a happy birthday song for about 5 times, I got in the celebrational mood (must be champagne) and I have decided, that I am actually up for a little party, instead of so planned relaxing day in the garden. It’s my birthday, so my wish is my command – we texted last minute invitations to our friends and we were delighted to find out, they were all up for the idea! Woohoo! 🙂

My Birthday Eve
This picture was taken on my birthday eve. We were walking to our local pub, hoping to get some dinner (we ended up in Mcdonalds, as the pub stopped serving food). I simply forgot to take photos on my actual birthday, so at least I am posting this one 🙂

So our plans for a relaxing, quiet day at home turned into pretty stressful last minute preparations – guests were about to come at 2pm. We still wanted to catch that little bit of sun instead of staying indoors. But the time was pushing – we needed to do some shopping, prepare the house as well as ourselves and kids, marinate the meat for bbq and get snacks ready. For a split second it crossed my mind, why did I do it to myself on my own birthday haha.

But it was so worth the effort. As soon as our friends arrived, our stressful morning turned into a lovely afternoon – chatting, eating, enjoying the sun while sipping a drink.

I even received some birthday presents! I really didn’t expect it, as it all was so last minute organised. But to my surprise, I was gifted with some shopping vouchers, flowers, sweets and macaroons (I love macaroons!!!) and my amazing cousin gifted me a Haven Caravans weekend stay, that we will be going to this weekend! How amazing is that???

What can I say, my birthday was a success. It’s actually wonderful people who made it special. I have a lot to be grateful life, my passion

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