Bathing Baby (Video)

Firstly I would like to send my sincere apologies to Harry – main character in my Bathing Baby video. I was trying to cover your manly bits, but it didn’t work for me.. So I had no choice, but to expose you the way you were born… Sorry my little boy, hopefully you will forgive your silly mummy.. Continue reading Bathing Baby (Video)

Our 5 Musts When Settling Baby to Sleep

Sleepless nights, busy days, at some point you just get used to it and get on with your life as best as you possibly can. It would be so much easier if you could at least get a decent night sleep. The day  after would surely not look as challenging! Settling baby to sleep in the right way in my opinion is as important, as changing his dirty nappies. However, my way might be completely different to your way. Some things that work for me while getting baby to sleep, might not work for you. Babies are different and they like different things – some of them like to get cuddled more, others will be happy as long as they have their dummy in. That’s why us, mums, are so special. To discover what our babies want is our job, talent and mission. Here is our 5 musts when settling baby to sleep:

1. Giving him a bath. Of course, we don’t do it every day. Our baby is still small, not even two months old, he doesn’t get dirty. If bathing baby too often, it can dry out his skin. But it really helps to settle him for the night and he seems to sleep much better after bath.

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How did we all Adjust to a New Baby

Soon will be two months since Harry was born. We are now going back to the normal life – all doesn’t look as new no more. I remember myself pregnant, worrying of how will we all adjust to our new baby. Especially because he wasn’t planned.  I was especially worried about Luka and Daniella. Luka likes being the centre of attention and she was already affected after Daniella was born. I was sincerely hoping it is not gonna be as hard this time for her. But my biggest worry was Daniella – she was such a mummy’s girl, I was afraid Daniella will be jealous and devastated having to share mummy’s and daddy’s hugs, cuddles and kisses with a little one. So HOW DID WE ALL ADJUST TO A NEW BABY?

How did we all Adjust to a New Baby


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To Buy or Not to Buy- Baby Stuff @ 1st Month


To Buy or Not to Buy- Baby Stuff @ 1st MonthPregnancy is such a wonderful time. Since the very first positive pregnancy test (you will probably do about 5 more later on just to be sure) to finding out the sex of your baby, watching your growing bump, imagining how your little one is gonna look when he/she is born and falling in love with him/her before you even meet!

If you were ever pregnant, you most probably know the feeling. Buying those first little tiny clothes, baby furniture, toys and other baby equipment is one of the most exciting things ever! You can’t get enough of it. Especially because there is so much choice nowadays! Everything looks so cute and so pretty, that you ending up turning your house into one big nursery because there is simply not enough space to keep the baby’s stuff in one room. Ok, i might be exaggerating a bit but I am not far from being right, am I? 🙂

First month has passed with our new baby Harry and I already have an idea of where I went too far and what I actually really found useful.

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Meet Our New Baby Boy!

Meet Our New Baby Boy, justina ivanauskiene

Good bye pregnancy updates and hello baby development and post pregnancy updates!

As most of you already know, we became very proud parents once again on Tuesday, 30th June at 5.15am. I gave birth to our long awaited beautiful baby boy!
We actually still have some debates regarding the name, so I am not going to announce it just yet. I will update you as soon as we make our final decision. Hopefully very soon.
Otherwise baby is doing very well. Sleeps most of the time, hardly ever cries! Hopefully it stays this way. He brought so much more happiness to our home..
Daniella and Luka were both extremely excited to meet their baby brother. Luka had happy tears and Daniella could not believe, that this baby is not in mummy’s tummy no more. She kept on pressing my belly and looking at the baby brother surprised of how did that doctor got him out haha. 🙂

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