Harry’s 6 Months Old Update

Half way through the year! Yey! Harry is now 6 months old (was on 30th December). I look at him and I simply cannot believe it’s the same little tiny baby, that we brought home from the hospital 6 months ago, on the 30th of June 2015!

baby boy Harry's 6 Months Old Update

Our most exciting news this month is that we already have two bottom teeth out!!! First tooth showed up on a boxing day and another came shortly after. Harry’s teething was not too complicated so far. There were several evenings, that he was quite upset and looked in pain, but nothing, that we couldn’t handle. I bought Nelsons Teetha granules (suitable from any age) to sooth the pain and I find this really good. Pain goes away soon and baby is happy again. 🙂

baby boy Harry's 6 Months Old Update

So we started solids now, at 6 months old, and so far it is really going well! Harry loves trying different tastes (and getting messy)! If he enjoys the puree I give him, he happily swallows it and waits for another spoon approaching with his mouth wide open like a little chicken. 🙂 If he is not happy with the taste, he will keep his mouth firmly shut and there is no way to squeeze another bite there! At the moment we are only eating purees, but I am planning to switch it to baby led weaning method very soon. I found it to work really well, when Daniella was a baby. Continue reading Harry’s 6 Months Old Update

Harry’s 5 Months Old Update

Another month passed by and we have now reached 5 months milestone in this world! How soon! Time is definitely not waiting – our little baby boy is turning into a big personality day by day.

Harry's 5 Months Old Update

Harry is growing rapidly. Most of the ‘3-6 months’ clothes are already too small. He has been for such a short amount of time in that size, that many of them clothes were never even used! At least Pampers nappies are still remaining  size 3. No change here.

Harry's 5 Months Old Update

Harry’s sleep at 5 months is all over the place at the moment – with ups and downs. Sometimes he sleeps throughout the night, but it never lasts. Then suddenly he is up at 3am (if not 2am) and wants to feed every hour or so till the morning comes. I blame it on his teeth (we don’t have them yet), as our baby looks in pain – tries biting everything and gets upset while doing this. Continue reading Harry’s 5 Months Old Update

Harry’s 4 Months Old Update

I have very mixed feelings recently – I am excited about Harry growing so fast, very curious of how our little boy is gonna look when he is older, but in the mean time I am so sad to see all those months go. I often wish I could to stop the time and enjoy those precious moments for a little longer… I will miss my little boy being a baby…

Baby Harry's 4 Months Old Update, justina Ivanauskiene, Edward manzano

I think during the past month Harry grew more than ever! After he competed his 3rd month, he was still fitting in his 0-3 size clothes. Within one month our baby has not only grew out of 0-3 size, but even 3-6 size clothes are now getting too tight! And he is 4 months old only. I thought 3-6 size was meant to fit until 6th month! Somehow I really don’t think this is gonna happen. I need to stock up on larger baby clothes very soon! Continue reading Harry’s 4 Months Old Update

Harry’s 3 Months Old Update


I am so behind with everything recently. This update was meant to get posted last Wednesday – 4 days ago! It has been so crazy with all house moving stuff. But things are starting to look brighter now, I will shortly catch up with all my delays, I promise!

Yay, our little Harry is 3 months old! Gosh, how much he changes every month! He is so different, so much bigger now. Laughs out loud being tickled, loves interacting replies in his own language when we speak to him, makes funny expression when we lean forwards to kiss him – opens his mouth wide, closes his eyes tightly and gets very tense – like we are going to attack him ha ha. 😀 Continue reading Harry’s 3 Months Old Update

Harry’s 2 Months Old Update

We had double celebrations on 30th of August! Baby Harry’s 2 Months Old and Luka’s 12th birthday! Congratulations my lovelies. xxx

After completing second month in this world, I would describe our Harry as little baby with a big personality! He already has his preferences for people or toys  and shows his disapproval time to time very loudly. He loves being held and gives us so many pretty smiles when we talk to him. He is just adorable! Continue reading Harry’s 2 Months Old Update