Happy 1st Birthday Harry

Today is a big day. Our youngest baby Harry celebrates his very 1st birthday. The whole year full of happiness, excitement, baby nappies, teething, rolling, sitting, crawling already passed by. Much faster, than I ever thought it would.

Happy 1st Birthday Harry

This boy has turned our life up side down. He definitely did. I remember so clearly, watching that fast appearing second blue line on my pregnancy test in shock. Gosh, I didn’t expect that coming. I remember then feeling hot and dizzy, having realised, that I was pregnant – I had to sit down on the sofa not to faint. And after Edward got back from work, I recall myself hesitating to tell him – we didn’t plan our little Harry, his appearance hit us by a huge surprise and messed our all plans up!

As much as I could not imagine my life with another baby then, I cannot see myself and I don’t want to even know where would we be without Harry now. Even though it took a while to get used to the fact about another baby coming into our family. I swear, I could not be happier right now. I just feel so complete. It feels like Harry was that missing piece of the puzzle, which has found its’ place. I finally feel, that I have everything I could ever wish for. Thanks to my children – I am feeling much richer than any billionaire on earth does – I really really do!

Happy 1st Birthday Harry

Harry himself, does not seem to be very excited about his 1st birthday, unfortunately. Poor baba has got a high temperature, for the third day in a row. I believe he is teething again. It’s not going too well this time. Harry’s temperature earlier had reached nearly 40 degrees! I gave him some medicines, but Harry threw everything out twice. One of those- all over me.

I am gutted, my baby is so poorly on his very 1st birthday, I really feel for him. 🙁 But even though we could not enjoy Harry’s day properly today, we will postpone it for Saturday. Edward’s Mum and Dad will be visiting, so we will have a small celebration with the family – just to pray Harry will be feeling better by then.

Happy 1st Birthday Harry

So very happy 1st birthday to our beautiful son. We love you so much!!! I know another year will go just as fast, so I will do everything I can to get most of our magic moments together. Many hugs, kisses, cuddles to you, our beautiful Son. xxxmy life, my passion

My Birthday

As much as it hurt’s, it was my birthday on Monday – I am now 34 years old *sob*.

Initially, we didn’t have any plans to celebrate. I am not a massive fan of my birthdays anyway. I don’t like getting old. But because the weather forecast was promising a good weather (which is the reason to celebrate itself), we have decided to have a relaxing day in the garden with some bbq, a glass of wine – lazy and stress-free.

In the morning, however, we made a ‘tiny’ amended our plans. After I was greeted with a glass of bubbly (for breakfast!) and some cute birthday cake and when family sang me a happy birthday song for about 5 times, I got in the celebrational mood (must be champagne) and I have decided, that I am actually up for a little party, instead of so planned relaxing day in the garden. It’s my birthday, so my wish is my command – we texted last minute invitations to our friends and we were delighted to find out, they were all up for the idea! Woohoo! 🙂

My Birthday Eve
This picture was taken on my birthday eve. We were walking to our local pub, hoping to get some dinner (we ended up in Mcdonalds, as the pub stopped serving food). I simply forgot to take photos on my actual birthday, so at least I am posting this one 🙂

So our plans for a relaxing, quiet day at home turned into pretty stressful last minute preparations – guests were about to come at 2pm. We still wanted to catch that little bit of sun instead of staying indoors. But the time was pushing – we needed to do some shopping, prepare the house as well as ourselves and kids, marinate the meat for bbq and get snacks ready. For a split second it crossed my mind, why did I do it to myself on my own birthday haha.

But it was so worth the effort. As soon as our friends arrived, our stressful morning turned into a lovely afternoon – chatting, eating, enjoying the sun while sipping a drink.

I even received some birthday presents! I really didn’t expect it, as it all was so last minute organised. But to my surprise, I was gifted with some shopping vouchers, flowers, sweets and macaroons (I love macaroons!!!) and my amazing cousin gifted me a Haven Caravans weekend stay, that we will be going to this weekend! How amazing is that???

What can I say, my birthday was a success. It’s actually wonderful people who made it special. I have a lot to be grateful for.my life, my passion

Our Easter 2016

What an eventful month it was! 2 weeks before Easter we all got some horrible bug (starting with Daniella), and one by one, each and every of us, ended up throwing up as well as with endless fevers, kids with conjunctivitis, etc. We were literally happy to survive until Easter! Luckily, just before Easter we all got better. Fingers crossed this horrible bug won’t ever come back!Our Easter 2016

On Easter eve, we were dying eggs, as we do every year! This year I was actually too busy with the food preparations for Sunday, Luka was in London, so daddy and Daniella did the job! And they did it great (in their own way). 🙂 Daniella was super excited to colour eggs. After dipping them in different colours, she finished it off by drawing on them and giving them some sticker eyes. Seeing Daniella’s art on eggs this year and comparing it to the last years, I noticed so much of a difference! She kinda knows what she is doing now. My little girl is not so little anymore.

Our Easter 2016 dyeing easter eggs

Our Easter 2016 dyeing easter eggsOur Easter 2016 dyeing easter eggs

Easter itself was lovely. We were feeling much better, so could finally enjoy it! In the morning we went to my cousins house, where we had (very filling) breakfast, loads of chat and some nice catching up – two lovely aunties were also visiting from Lithuania. Continue reading Our Easter 2016

Mother’s Day, Flu and Undelivered Flowers

Happy Mother’s Day to all wonderful mummies! I hope you got all spoiled! 🙂

Mother’s Day, Flu and Undelivered FlowersDespite me having some unpleasant flu since Friday and completely losing my voice on Saturday, our Sunday was lovely. The weather was pretty good, so we met some friends and my cousin and all went out to Trentham Gardens for a nice walk- entrance was free for all mummies on Mother’s Day!Mother’s Day, Flu and Undelivered FlowersTrentham Gardens left us with positive vibes. Lake, gorgeous grounds, play area for little ones. Loads to see, I can imagine how breathtaking will be there in summer!!! We had a nice walk around the lake and then went to the cafe for some tea and to warm up our feet.Mother's Day, Flu and Undelivered Flowers

After few hours at Trentham gardens we then all got to my cousins house for tasty snacks and some catching up. We stayed there until about 9pm and went back home. Continue reading Mother’s Day, Flu and Undelivered Flowers

Valentine’s Day

valentine's day

As I have mentioned in my previous post, we didn’t plan anything extraordinary for this Valentine’s Day. I even ordered Edward not to buy me any flowers – I feel it’s such a rip-off- prices are doubled or tripled on everything to do with the celebration. And, honestly, I don’t think, that my man MUST buy me flowers, just because it is Valentine’s Day! I will appreciate them much more on any other day when he gets them because he feels like it and not because everyone does it.

And now I feel good, cos I don’t fall into that ‘because everyone does’ category (at least not on this occasion)! Happy with myself. 🙂

St Valentine’s Day itself, I, however, have nothing against about. I actually love it. I think the idea is really nice. It is important to celebrate love. So we did kind of celebrate, but in a very much our own – non-commercial way.

On Valentine’s day morning, Edward was the first one to wake up and we were all soon greeted by Valentine’s day kisses from him! I know, he is still so romantic and lovely! 🙂 We then went to make breakfast together. We had decided to have paninis (some people have it for lunch, but we do like filling breakfast). When our paninis were done, we attempted to make some romantic hearts on it by using mayonnaise and ketchup. Believe me, it’s harder than it looks! It didn’t come out perfect, but the thought was there and that’s what counts! (All worst hearts are Edward’s by the way haha :D)

valentine's day romantic breakfast

We called our kids downstairs and all had lovely breakfast. We then tidied up the house and Edward went to clean a car while children and I were getting ready to go out. And NOP, we didn’t go to the posh restaurant, not even the cinema. We took our babies to the soft play! Yeh, soft play. And, honestly, I don’t think they would have been any happier if we took them to the restaurant! They were literally thrilled to go to soft play for some fun! Continue reading Valentine’s Day